Thursday, June 2, 2011

what to pack: carry-on!

I've got a family vacation coming up quickly here... so get ready for some traveling and packing posts.  For carry-on luggage I always want something that is roomy, but not bulky and especially since we are traveling with the kids, I want to make sure it holds TONS of stuff.  I will likely be bringing my Kate Spade Griffin Tote (seen here).  But here are some other options that would be fun too... doesn't a vacation seem like a perfect excuse for a new bag!?!?

All the bags shown here are fabulous brand names and all are UNDER $200 -
 I like a good quality bag sometimes, what can I say?


What is your carry-on of choice?  


pictures said...

Long longchamp bag! Oh so light, & enough room everything i need when traveling with three kids!

Linda Rose said...

Love that pink one, but i'd be bugged that i couldn't carry it on my shoulder, so i'd probably go with the navy. they're all so great though!

Rachael said...

I still travel with my tried-and-true backpack, which has a big compartment and a smaller one. The smaller one keeps my identification, tickets, passport, boarding pass, and anything else I'm sure I'll need on my way through the airport. The bigger compartment gets everything else, including my small-ish purse. Maybe not the best-looking option (it's pink, though, so it could be worse) but so practical!

Amy said...

Great post! (Side note - your blog is quickly becoming the first one I check every morning - I love it).

I'm actually starting to pack just now, so it's perfect timing. I have a big soft yellow leather bag that makes the perfect carry on - fits my big camera plus books plus all the 'purse stuff' that I want to bring. But if a new bag was in the budget that navy one is awesome!

simplicityisultimatesophistication said...

perfect post! I am about to fly out to Oregon tomorrow and was dreading using a backpack! Now I have a better idea of something to use as a carry on...adorable!

JourneyChic said...

All very cute choices. Sadly my carry-on of late is a functional but but very basic messenger-style diaper bag or backpack.


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