Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my outfit: you voted.

You all put in your two cents. And I delivered.

Style bloggers (or bloggers that take pictures of their outfits) never really seem to talk much about locations for photos.  (Do we?) I think it can be one of the most fun parts about "style blogging".  Take for instance this location.  The white was a perfect backdrop for the outfit and the texture of the peeling paint and old warehouse doors played off the texture in my top.

Not that I always put that much thought (or any thought, really) into locations... but when I get the opportunity to - I'll admit: It's fun!  We had an event in downtown GR and the North Monroe district is great for industrial buildings or vacated buildings like this one and other unique photo locations.

I hate having people SEE me take pictures and this neighborhood is pretty quiet as well. So that helps.  There was only one random pregnant lady walking into the biker bar across the street from this building. We both pretended not to see each other and I tend to believe that was a mutually beneficial decision for us. No?

I wish I had more time and opportunities to search out fun locations like this.  Unfortunately, my "photographer" (ie. husband) is full time employed. The nerve!

Here was the location from our car...

What is your favorite location for photos or how do you choose?

Blazer, LOFT (similar)
Lace Top, Charlotte Russe (similar)
Pants, Zara (similar and SO cute!)
Shoes, brand unknown, from Nordstrom Rack YEARS ago! (similar)

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Jackie said...

Loves it! This outfit is super similar to the one I did on 100 inspirations on Monday! Lace + red = win

Bobbie said...

Love Love Love the lace and the pants! its so pretty girl lace with a pop of color! I feel so awkward taking pictures outside. But cant wait till the boy gets back from deployment and i will make him take pictures!
:) Bobbi

Kayla said...

This whole outfit looks fantastic on you! I have always enjoyed looking at bloggers who take the time to search out locations, but currently that just doesn't fit into my lifestyle. Maybe one day, but for now I don't mind focusing on the clothes!

Meredith said...

Love this!

maria said...

everything about this is perfect, the colors, the lace, and those look amazing!!!

Linda Rose said...

super sassy jill! those pants sure are earning their keep! i love that lace blouse with it. perfect combination!

my favorite place for photo shoots is whatever is fastest! so sad, i know! we're trying to get better at it, but i'm one impatient girl.

jen v said...

Such a great combination. For sure my favorite outfit with the lace shirt! You are so right. The back drop totally compliments the shirt!

{molly beth} said...

you are such a beauty! i love love love this blazer! super pretty! you are always looking so adorable, and i see we have matching tanks from a few posts below [the neon!] i love it! looks great with the hot pink blazer!


Sarah said...

Really loving this combo - you look amazing!

chezjolly said...

So french chic! Love it :)
-Jessica & Holly

Gray Skies said...

If I really don't want to drive anywhere, we tend to take my outfit photos on the roof of our building, but other than that, I pretty much choose photo locations based on what spot looked pretty as I went past on my morning run!


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