Thursday, June 30, 2011

summer essentials {maria, John's Journal}

Hello lovely readers, thank you Jill for having me your blog continues to inspire me daily! 

My name is Maria of John's Journal where I write a lifestyle blog dabbling in all my loves! I'm actually a nurse in real life and chase after my 4 year old with one on the way next month!  Being nine months pregnant in the midst of summer presents its own unique challenges, mostly staying cool! Here's my top five essentials  in no particular order!

1. Bronzer- My irish skin really appreciates a little help with a dusting of bronzer on the cheeks for the summer instead of heavy makeup!

2. Sunscreen- We live at the pool during the summer and carry about 4 bottles of spray sunscreen in our bag, I love how easy the spray is to put on!

3. Essie 'Mango Bango'- I can't get over this punchy color for summer its lived on my toes for two months now!

4. Dresses- My baby bump really appreciates an elastic free waist in the thick of the heat! Thank God for sundresses!

5. Smoothies- There's nothing like fruit in summertime, especially with everything in season such a wonderful refreshing treat!


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