Monday, June 20, 2011

my outfit: green & white + yes, the IT list WILL return!

First things first... the IT list will return - hopefully this Friday.  SO - email me if you want in.  But first... read the info here (pretty, pretty please!).  Also, if you have emailed me previously (before today) email me again - I'm starting fresh!

New things for this go-round:
  • the time of day posts need to go live by.
  • a new "ideal content" section lays out if your blog may be a fit.
  • the price has changed slightly.
  • even if you have participated before, PLEASE read all the info again!

Back to business here...  this outfit was inspired by THIS ONE.  Heck, I don't pull off California-cool nearly as well. But here's to trying!

I'm took these pictures a few days into the cleanse and my husband was making fun of me that these were the first smiles I had cracked all day.  It may have been true.  Take bread and coffee away from me and I turn into something I am not proud of.  The result will be worth it though!

I loved this outfit and I love this top... Target has some similar ones now that have pockets on the front.  Those look cool too... If you are in the market for a flowy top. I highly recommend.

Top, Target (similar)
Shorts, DIY'd (similar)
Sandals, Forever 21 (similar)
Bracelets (from top): Forever 21, courtesy of Stella & Dot, courtesy of Towne & Reese


maria said...

I adore that shirt, the color, the fit, the flow....its perfect on you!

simplicityisultimatesophistication said...

Love this comfy cute look! Your DIY shorts are adorable and have inspired me to make some of my own! Thanks. xo

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Great mix of bracelets! The b&w one is my fave. I'm usually not bold enough to mix accessories like that so it's helpful to see it done well in practice! BTW, I've sent you a message re: IT List. :)

Bug and Bird said...

i love that sort of look and wear it all the time :)

great accessories!

madison avenue said...

that top is so cute! i love how flowy it is! i also love love love that looks really good against the white shorts!

Jackie said...

I think you pull off the California Casual look perfectly! Loves it.

bex said...

you look so easy breezy. Love those white cut offs. now I'm on a quest to make em myself.


Linda Z said...

I really love those flowy camp tops, too! Your hair looks so beautiful. :)

Andrea said...

I have (and love!) that shirt, too but always feel at a loss about styling it - never thought to tuck it, though! Must try...


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