Saturday, June 11, 2011

get dressed with me (again!)...

{well, not WITH me... but ya' know 'with' me... as in, let this gal help you out!}

Today I have a super fun special for you all!  I ran this special a few month's back and it was a huge success!

...For a limited time snag both my 50 things e-book AND my spring + summer looks:book for only $10 for both (that's $3 off if you are doing the math)...

PLUS I am throwing in a brand-new 50 things... that can ONLY be snagged through this special!

So that is:

one... (50 things... e-book)
two... (spring + summer looks:book)
THREE... (50 things... checklist) great products for one super low price!

And like I said, this offer is only for a limited time - so jump on it now!

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The Hoppers said...

Have a great time in Seattle! My family and I flew out there last year for a visit. We live in Alabama, so not quite the eastern time zone change. My boys were almost one and 3. We flew to Seattle really early and that was a better flight than the one coming home. The return flight was later and the boys were out of their normal routines, so it was tougher. We had an iPad for the flight, as well as books and snacks and new toys from the Dollar Tree. I had snacks that the boys didn't eat that often but enjoyed, so they were excited to eat them. It sounds like you have a plan. Just take extras of everything. Extra movie, extra snacks, etc...

We went to Seattle this time last year and it was drizzly every day except one. The sunny day we went to the Space Needle, which was awesome. We got the tickets that allow you to go up during the day and then again that night. Fabulous views! Also, if you go to Pike Place, there is a fruit vendor that sells these homemade fruit rolls that are rolled in coconut. They are fabulous!!! We ate about 20 in one day. I don't remember the name of the vendor, but they were pretty big and they were right out front.

Have a great time! We loved it and would love to go back one day. There were so many things we didn't get to do!!!


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