Wednesday, May 18, 2011

video tutorial: messy top bun!

I'm no pro when it comes to hair... believe me. It took me like 6 months of pondering this "do" to finally get the lightbulb moment.  That's why I thought it was worthy of sharing, hopefully you feel the same way!

Without further ado... the simple and messy top bun!

Untitled from Jill Gott-Gleason on Vimeo.

(seriously, how do they decide on the stop frame here? I look like amazon woman!)


Liz said...

Love your tutorial!! I just did my first one and posted it this week!! :) Can't wait to see more :)

Karri said...

Thanks for posting! Its been 20 years since I think I've done a bun!
Anyway, it doesn't hurt after being up there all day, does it?

catie said...

loved it!
can't wait to try your messy top bun.

i am so tempted to cut bangs like yours...
they are so cute ♥

Linda said...

you are so cute! i love this look. it is great on you and i may have to try it myself! thanks!

Kayla said...

seriously every time i hear you talk, i miss home. love the accent!! thanks for the hair help.

campbell2008 said...

Thank you! I've been wondering how to do this. We just moved to Texas in January and I wanted a cute easy style for the hot summer days!

Nicole said...

oh love it! I love messy up-do's. Perfect for summer too!

kristen said...

Jill, you are so adorable! I loved this! Can't wait to try it!

Jenny Lynne said...

I tried to comment on your thursday latelies but that was when blogger was down. go figure. I love your voice/accent, you are adorable!!

And to answer your question you can change your thumbnail picture on vimeo, so no amazon woman :o) Jus click on your video on vimeo and click the settings button then on the left you will see a list of features/settings, click on "thumbnail" and it will give you about 10 choices. Hope that helps!
Jenny Lynne
from Imagination of Jenny Lynne

Stephanie said...

I love your accent. So fun. Makes me wish I had long hair. And I love this video thing - gotta try one so I'm sure everyone can point out my Southern accent.


marli said...

thanks for the lightbulb! a wide tooth comb to pull sections out and messy-fy them. genius.

thanks for sharing.

i second the bang comment. i just might trim mine again. you make them look so good.

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

1. I miss your cute little self.

2. I love that you are sporting dark nail polish instead of nude - like - all the time now. Love it.

3. John's sitting across the room and he goes, "Ah! Jill Gott's little voice coming from the other side of the room!" :)


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