Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my outfit: fly away!

Being a style blogger can be fun, and I'll be honest... some days it's the only thing that gets me dressed. Without a job to go to or regular interaction with adults - leggings and ratty jeans look mighty appealing in the morning (especially when you don't get a decent night of sleep... which I basically haven't gotten in, oh, about 6 years).

But there are other days when my husband gets home from work and I hand him the camera with a big old grumpy face and being a style blogger loses its luster (as in, "if you don't take my picture right now so I can finally put some yoga pants on then this momma is going to self combust").  Then I glance around the yard and say... this spot, same as yesterday? This spot with kind of a white blooming tree in the background? This spot, no the grass seems dead here.  This spot, I think we shot here the day before. This spot, ah, hell... who cares.

Sometimes my kids break the ice by being absolutely off the wall naughty and crazy - knowing full well that both parents are busy.  Kids are smart like that.

Other times the wind blows just so... and you can't help but say a little prayer in gratitude.  Thank you God for not making this the most boring photo shoot ever.  And thank you also for showing off the gorgeous pattern in my new vintage scarf. Amen.

Nothing like a little friendly breeze.  What more can a style blogger ask for?

Scarf, Vintage Liberty of London found at American Apparel (score!) (similar)
Top, H&M (similar)
Jeans, Gap
Nail Polish, Essie in Masquerade Belle


Shellsea said...

wind can be very helpful some times ;)

Cute scarf.

Love, Shellsea Blog

Nav said...

love the look - your posts always make me Laugh out loud in my office and then everyone asks me wats up Nav - now 2 other peeps are following your blog. haha

xo Nav

Bridget said...

LOL. This post made me giggle. :)

Andrea said...

Oh Lord, I am laughing so hard at you shoving the camera at hubby so you can take the outfit shot and get into your sweats! Similar scene happens with me and my hubs on the regular :)

Chloe said...

Haha to tally get the same thing. Love that scarf by the way.

C x

kristen said...

Thanks for the laugh! You are my inspiration, Jill! As a homeschooling Mama who is trying desperately to bring sexy back (ha!). I mean, break the stereotype that homeschooling moms all wear jumpers and frumpy tennis shoes. Your posts give me the inspiration to actually look stylish even it's only my kids who see me all day.

Linda said...

at least you look good! :)

CC said...

I love this outfit. As a stay at home mom, I too have days when the blog is the only reason I get dressed! :) Of course, there are still days when even that isn't enough to get me out of my jammies. :)

rebecca said...

I love this outfit. That scarf is beautiful and I seriously NEED to get these Gap jeans.


jenn~the stylish housewife said...

my thoughts EXACTLY!!! =) love the outfit!

~xo, jenn
the stylish housewife


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