Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what to pack: quick trip to Chicago!

I've mentioned briefly before that Linda and I are both headed to Chicago this weekend to meet for the first time in person, shop, talk-shop (gab endlessly about blog stuff) and of course, shop some more!  I am super excited for a quick weekend away and also to meet Linda!  She and I have been blog buddies for about a year now (Linda, does that sound right, only a year!?!? Seems forever...) and I learned last fall when I got to meet up with Jackie that the only thing better than having great blog friends is getting to actually meet them!

Any who... this trip is proving to pose some packing challenges.  Linda and I are both taking the train to the city from our respective home towns.  So I don't want a lot of luggage to haul around.  And to top that off the weather looks to be a bit wet and cool, which is always tricky in Chicago... as we will be walking every where.  Oh and that too... comfy footwear is essential!

Here is what I am thinking for outfits this weekend:

My favorite skinny jeans are playing double duty... or at least that's the plan.  We arrive Saturday morning and leave Sunday afternoon... one pair of jeans for 48 hours should be do-able, right!?!?  Then staples like my new black trench and striped top will be comfortable and casual.

Then more wardrobe staples like my black cardigan, chambray top and leopard print flats will layer perfectly for warmth and style... and if we get lucky and it warms up a bit, I'll be happy to shed some layers!

We'll be sure to document the whole weekend with photos!

ps. go check out what Linda is packing!


Monique said...

Love the leopard print shoes!

Monique xx

Cassie Lee said...

I need to find a great tassel necklace or else I will have to pull of a DIY project soon! Have fun!

Katie Baba Nielson said...

love your choices! perfect for a quick weekend and comfy for shopping!

Christa said...

Great outfits. I love shopping in Chicago and it's outlying areas. We were there mid May last year and it was cold. Your layering strategy is great. I love your blog.

Linda Rose said...

ok, you may have just changed my mind about what to bring. ha ha ha!
oh, and i've only had my blog since July, so it's been less than a year! it does seem like forever. i am so excited to finally meet!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Chicago is very tricky! Just went last month and had to break out the winter clothes! Great picks!!!

Jackie said...

I love packing posts! I'm so excited for you, sounds like it will be such a fun weekend! Nothing like some time all to yourself.

Ashleigh said...

Fun! Greetings from the Chicago welcoming committee (me - LOL!) These ensembles look great, however if this rain we've had for 14 days in row continues you might want to rethink the shoes... I'd hate for those glittery Tom's to get ruined!


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