Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my outfit: stop the presses!

Stop the presses... momma got a new jacket. And just in time for late spring, because apparently, late spring in Michigan means temps in the 40's and snow/rain at the drop of the hat.  I know it's so cliche to just talk about the weather. And even more cliche to complain about the weather when you live in Michigan.  But seriously people, and by seriously I mean: SRSLY.  I'm cold. And crabby too as it seems.

So anyway, back to the jacket... it's the Asymmetrical Trench from Gap.  They had ONE left in my size marked down to $29.99. Oh, hello!  That sucker came home with me faster than you can say fast.

I was at the Gap this past weekend because they had a buy one top get one free sale - and that is an amazing deal!  And they had TONS of cute tops... but then as I stood in the store with about half of the store in my hands, I had a revelation.  The tops were all so cute, but I didn't really NEED them.  I know - major buzz-kill huh?  That's so not like me.

I'm kind of regretting it now... but, the fact is that I still have half of my new spring clothes with tags on them (see aforementioned weather rant). So it just doesn't make sense. PLUS, I have a little Chicago shopping trip coming up with a blogger buddy - so technically, I'm saving myself.  Err, my money.

Restraint is so boring.

p.s. do the color combos on my outfit look familiar? This was my inspiration!
p.p.s. have you ever seen me in khakis? I know, right!?!? I've had these forever... from my "working" days!  I was thrilled to whip them back out!

Jacket, Gap (similar)
Cardigan, Old Navy (similar)
Pink Top, Forever 21 (similar)
Khakis, Gap (similar)
Wedges, Target (similar)


Linda Rose said...

Woohoo! less than 2 weeks baby!
That jacket is really great on you. I saw it in the store and liked it, but thought it might give me less of a shape than I already have. But now I'm tempted to go try it on! But I need to save money too!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Really cute jacket ... and what a great price! It has the perfect amount of "swing" on you. :)

Kelly said...

i agree - i am so over winter! that jacket is cute - what a steal!

Daily Desirables said...

What a fun jacket! and i love the coral-navy-khaki color combo! :)


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