Monday, April 4, 2011

my outfit: date night!

As I mentioned, my kids were away this weekend so my husband and I enjoyed a quiet weekend (quiet!!!) doing our own thing, just like the good 'ole days!  Friday night we hit the town for happy hour and fun... but first we stopped up at one of the coolest neighborhoods that overlooks the entire city.  They neighborhood itself is quite depressed - which is a major bummer - but the views don't disappoint.

It's fun to look out over the whole city and map out certain memories with just a point of the finger... like where our old condo was, my son's favorite playground when we lived downtown, the spot we watched the Presidential fly-over salute for President Gerald R Ford's funeral (he hails from Grand Rapids and our city is graced by a museum in his honor), our favorite old buildings and new buildings and spots where we watched Fourth of July fireworks in years past.  We just love Grand Rapids.

Then we ended the evening with cocktails and sushi... no better way!

How was your weekend!?!?

Top, JCrew (similar)
Belt, from a local boutique (similar)
Jeans, Gap
Earrings, Forever 21 (similar)
Clutch, courtesy of Coquese
Shoes, Target (similar)


Mrs. Biscuit said...

Happy hour followed by cocktails and sushi sound like the perfect evening! I'm glad you guys had such a nice date night! =)


Christine said...

Hurray for date night! Those jeans are over the top, and the color of that shirt is so great!

Sam said...

New follower here :)

My weekend was filled with baked goods from my mother, the parents were in town overnight. I love her bakingggg.

Have to say, I am jealous of your hair and how perfect it looks. This is not helping my should I get a bang or not debate. I was leaning away from it and am now reconsidering!

I'd love it if you could drop by blog and let me know what you think! I'm always looking for advice on how to improve :)

Nicole said...

Yay for a date night! Love the outfit. That color top (mustard?) is great on you!

Nav said...

Hey the date outfit looks great! Flared jeans and mustard color looks great on you! xo

amber said...

glad you got to have some alone time with your hubby!! great date outfit :)

Karri said...

I really love that shirt.

Sounds like a great date night to me. We love to do the whole reminiscing thing, too. Sometimes we'll drag the kids into it and make them humor us while we show them places.

Monique Zuman said...

I love how you are wearing mustard! Just did a whole post about that colour!!

Monique xx

Kathy said...

I will be in your neck of the woods...I think...this summer. My sister lives in Jenison. She wants to take us (my mom, my 2 girls and I are visiting) to Traverse City for an overnight. I think there is a big Cherry Festival she thought the girls would like.

The weekend: Daughter's 3rd birthday party, in-laws took the girls for a sleepover and my husband and I had a date night, on Sunday my husband went to a hockey game with some friends and I had the house to myself (never happens).

loftyappetite said...

Love the outfit! I'm so happy wide leg jeans are back. They are so comfy, casual, but yet look very put together. Great modern 70s vibe!

loftyappetite said...

Love the outfit! I'm so happy wide leg jeans are back. They are so comfy, casual, but yet look very put together. Great modern 70s vibe!

My Heart Blogged said...

My weekend was pretty boring, and I had to work. I love the top you are wearing in this.
My Heart Blogged

{molly beth} said...

just found your adorable blog .
love those wide leg trousers . so so chic .

come stop by:


karen★ said...

i looooove the clutch so so much. & the wide legs...of course the wide legs!!!

i'm so happy you guys got to have some time together! (quiet time!!!!)

Daphne said...

Very cool outfit. What a great weekend for you guys. We had a very similar weekend as well.

Emily said...

Really love this outfit! You look so classy.


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