Monday, April 11, 2011

my outfit: buzzing like neon!

How about a little neon for Monday? Sure? Sure.  I myself need a little sumthin' sumthin' on a Monday - so why the heck not.

As fate would have it, I wore this outfit on an 80 degree day (a little over dressed, if I do say so myself) and shorts and a tank on a 40 degree day this past weekend. Either I or the weather or the weather man (or all of us) just can't get it right.

But I am not going to complain about 80 degrees though because it's going to be cold (again) and rainy (again) this week.  Here in Michigan, we know to take what we can get, we're scrappy like that.

In other news my husband got tons of yard work done this weekend... leaves picked up, shrubs and perennials cut back and general spiffy-ness all around. In other-other news, none of that happened on this here side of the yard.  See above - dead leaves, etc, etc.  There is only so much one man with a lazy wife can do - only so much.

How was your weekend? Any sun, fun, yard work or otherwise?

Jacket, Old Navy (similar)
Neon Cardigan, JCrew (similar)
White Sequined Top, Forever 21 (similar)
Belt, Gap (similar)
Gold Bracelet, courtesy of Towne & Reese
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, Cynthia Vincent for Target (similar)
Sunglasses, Forever 21 (similar)


Liz said...

This outfit is great! I have a neon green sweater in my closet that I have been afraid to wear, but now I think I'm gonna copy cat and pair it with dark denim too!!
You look awesome!

Nav said...

love the neon touch - works like a charm. xo

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I really love that jeans more and more every time you wear them! If only I weren't pregnant right now...

sara@augustfields said...

love this outfit. those jeans are CUTE!

My Heart Blogged said...

This weekend was gorgeous. Sunday was like a dream. I really like the pop of yellow in this outfit.
My Heart Blogged

Lauren K said...

I have a J Crew sweater affectionately termed the 'highligher sweater' - a really strong yellow-green cable knit sweater. I LOVE it with a dark blue cardi and round toe flats : )

Glad to hear most of the country has been out enjoying the weather!!

Jackie said...

Love this outfit girl! Your neon cardi is always a fave of mine. We were planning on doing yardwork this weekend, but our social calendar filled up for Fri, Sat and Sun so we didn't end up doing as many chores as we needed to. But we are going to buckle down this weekend and get shiz done! Glad you had some sun!

Colleen said...

I really love this outfit. Those jeans are amazing. They make me want to go to the gap. I tend to have the same issues with my outfits and the weather cooperating.



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