Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring & summer looks:book!!!

I am so very excited to bring you all yet another great installment of my inspiring looks:book!  My looks:books are always SO popular and everyone always raves about the simple and accessible styles I feature. I know I personally used the exact same guidelines that I laid out here, for my own spring shopping this year.  

As always it is my goal to compile a stylish, practical and wearable book for your inspiration each season.  The spring and summer looks:book is combined this year (as opposed to separate books that I published last year) so you get more bang for your buck and a lot more guidance for your seasonal shopping that will last through the entire warm season this year!

What is this looks:book all about?
  • It's a 12 page digital download (pdf) featuring my top 10 spring & summer trends, plus a few bonus features this time like great items to carry over from last season and more! 
  • I comb the stores and internet for what I think are the most wearable styles and trends for the season and then lay them all out for you in an easy to read format.
  • Think of it as half wardrobe consult and half mini-magazine.
  • Of course, everything is budget friendly (you know me!) and almost every item featured is under $100!
  • And new for this issue, all of the sources are listed right with the items - so once you are inspired all you have to do is shop!
And all of it is delivered to your inbox within minutes for only $5 - a STEAL!!! Simply use the "buy now" button below!


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