Tuesday, February 15, 2011

putting it together... striped top + a giveaway!

Welcome back to another 'putting it together' post...

As a follow up series from my recent e-book launch I will be featuring individual items from the 50 things that every woman must own... and giving you even more ideas on how to incorporate these items into your wardrobe.

Today I am going to feature the striped top...  (#13 of 50). I just love throwing on a simple striped top for instant style.  Here are the ways I like to wear striped tops:

Stripes are so versatile and fun and they instantly add a classic feel to any outfit.  Here are some of my top picks for striped tops this spring!  How do you like to style stripes?

Don't forget... while I feature bits and pieces of the 50 things e-book here on putting it together... there is SO much more inspiration to be had in the full version!  You can get it here... 


Go check out My Favorite Things!  She is hosting a giveaway of the e-book at her place today!  So head on over and enter to win there!  Go on!


The Casual Classic said...

Love stripes! I recently posted on my addiction to them. I see I'm in good company. :-)



b.a. said...

aaaw! that picture of you in the yellow coat is the picture that led me to you! seen on whatiwore in her stripes round-up! i remember the reason i clicked on it was because, in a thumbnail, i actually thought it WAS jessica! and...the rest is history!

LifestyleBohemia said...

I've been crazy about striped tops lately! I bought 2 different ones for Spring by Element yesterday. Can't wait to wear them.
Great post!

Angharad said...

I am a stripe fanatic. My co worker regularly comes and just gives me stripey tops that aren't working out for her anymore because I am such a fan (and apparently wear them to death!).

Les said...

b.a.- that same picture is the one that led me to Jill too...funny.

I love to wear my striped tee with a floral scarf. Unexpected yet it works every time.

Katie said...

looks like i'm not the only one admiring stripe t-shirts:


Katelyn said...

I loooove stripes! I'm wearing them now actually. They look great on you!
Heading over to enter the giveaway now!


My Heart Blogged said...

I own a lot of striped shirts, blouses, and cardigans. I feel like they are classic, and I can never have too many. For awhile though I was wearing them way too much. They are also really easy to mix other patterns with.
My Heart Blogged

Daphne said...

Love the version with a yellow pea coat. Great looks.

karen★ said...

i remember some of those pictures from sooooo long ago! you look phenomenal in all!

looooove the e-book. such an awesome idea!

& should i still enter if i already bought one!?

Mommyblogger said...

I adore stripes!


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