Monday, February 14, 2011

good look for less, EXPRESS!

Today's EXPRESS consult is for Emily... she works in a conservative university setting and needed some ideas for outfits that are professional but that also fit her trendy but classic personal style.

I don't pull together professional or business casual outfits together very often... so listen up!  I love the way these turned out.  If I were still working outside of the home I would wear very similar ensembles.

A cardigan and button up combo are the age-old professional look... but here I paired them with some bold earrings and skinny black pants to keep the look modern and current.

Emily mentioned that she has several cable knit sweaters that she wanted to integrate into her work wardrobe as well.  And while usually I would prefer a bulky sweater paired with something more casual like jeans and boots, here I paired them with delicate accessories like a skinny belt (to be worn at the waist) and pretty earrings to keep the look from getting too heavy.

A classic pencil skirt can go a long way in your wardrobe.  For extra visual interest, I love the delicate leopard print top with a simple blazer.

Happy Shopping Emily!

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Mommyblogger said...

Terrific looks! I really love the last one :)

Katie said...

love it!

My Heart Blogged said...

I really like the looks. I really like the blazer in the last photo.
My Heart Blogged


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