Monday, January 31, 2011

putting it together... floral top

As a follow up series from my recent e-book launch I will be featuring individual items from the 50 things that every woman must own... and giving you even more ideas on how to incorporate these items into your wardrobe.

Many of you that bought the e-book should find this especially helpful...  since the e-book didn't include shopping links for certain pieces (more just simple examples of each of the 50 items) you will now have a resource for buying these items if you desire to add them to your wardrobe.  If you already own items that fit many or all of the 50 things, then here you will find ideas on how to incorporate these items into your wardrobe in fun and fresh ways.

If you didn't buy the e-book 50 things that every woman must own... well, you are going to want to in order to play along with us!  I won't be giving away all of the secrets that the book contains, so don't be left out!


Today we are going to 'put it all together' with item #16... the floral top.  Think hip and modern when you think of florals... not boring and "old"... here are some fun outfits for winter to spring!


Don't forget to check out the e-book now for tons more wardrobe inspiration!

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ps, if you are pregnant or know someone that is... check out maternity monday at good tots for super fun outfit ideas today!


Mrs. B said...

That leather jacket from Old Navy is SO CUTE!!

Les said...

Thanks for doing this Jill! It is making the 50 Items ebook come to life. Love the mixture of the frilly femine blouses with the leather jackets.

kelseywilliams said...

Your content is so helpful. Go you!

Kate said...

look #3 is AWESOME! I would totally rock that.


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