Thursday, January 6, 2011

casa good life: my closet!

LIKE THIS POST??? It's a bit outdated... check out updated closet photos and details on how I completely revamped my closet and my outlook on shopping!  HERE!  The new post is called: how to organize your closet in a meaningful way!

This is a casa good life post and a reader question post all in one since I have gotten a lot of emails on how I organize my closet and because for once it's clean and organized with a working light (long story about the light...).

My closet is very narrow, but I've worked to customize it best I can.   Let's dive in...

Looking straight in, this is my closet.

To the right you will find a long IKEA shelf that holds things like my sweaters... color sorted and neatly folded, ahem.

You will also find shoes, glorious shoes! Flats are stacked for extra room and heels, wedges and boots go side by side. I'm particular like that. Also organized by color... that's kind of my thing, wait and see.

You may also find an organizer of randoms... like bracelets, this sarong that we all love, the legwarmers that some of us love and some of us hate (ahem, again) and bits of ribbon. Because ribbon makes a gal happy. Especially when it just sits there looking pretty and it's leopard print.

Next to the above mentioned items... you will find my clutches (the gold one is from girlfriend, love that gal!), belts hanging from hooks and an oldey timey jewelry box that was a gift from my husband.

Straight to the back are three bulletin boards hanging for jewelry and an inspiration board.

Upon closer inspection this is my current hair inspiration and my latest affinity for neon yellow. Also here are my vintage scarves neatly folded. The hooks at the bottom are actually shower curtain rings hanging my purses.

Then up top are the bagged "specials"... which reminds me, I should whip some of those out.

Then to the left are my jeans. I saw this organization system on another blog (can't remember where!?!?) and quickly did the same thing in my closet. Basically you fold the jeans with the labels facing out, with the thought that if you see the brand name and finish you are more likely to quickly visually recognize them so you don't have to dig through every pair. It works like a charm for me.

Then on the left I have a small dresser with all my scarves. I've tried every way to organize scarves. I'm hoping this will be the best way to keep them unwrinkled. We'll see... this is a new "feature" in my closet.

Lastly I have my clothes... which I probably could have gotten better pictures, but basically it goes... dresses then tops from the left to right. Tops are organized by color left to right and then by sleeve length within the color. This helps me keep myself organized and choose outfits quicker (I think... ).

So there you have it... hopefully that wasn't incredibly boring, maybe even a touch inspiring. How do you organize your closet? Anything I am missing or should try?


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