Thursday, January 6, 2011

my outfit: staying alive (or warm).

I'm still just working on staying warm over here... on the one hand the outfits seem a little blah, but then again, it's January. What isn't blah? But on the other hand warmer outfits that you still look and feel good in are harder to pull together than spring/summer outfits, so I am trying harder.

Originally this outfit started out as just the boots, jeans and grey sweater. But then when I got home from the gym (I get dressed at the gym a lot... which also poses very distinct challenges, like if you don't like your outfit you are stuck with it and don't even get me started on when you forget something *important*) I realized my outfit was boring and I was freezing. So I went back to my closet for layers and lots of them.

Added to boring sweater was a white button up (underneath), a light-weight (but very warm!) puffer vest, and a scarf. You can never be too warm in these parts. Unless you are vacuuming. Then I sweat all kinds. But that's off topic.

Yes, I "ruined" the outfit with Uggs. Ha! That's how I roll.

What's keeping you warm lately? Anything particular?

Sweater, Gap
White Top, Gap (similar)
Scarf, World Market (similar)
Jeans, Seven for all Mankind (similar)
Boots, Ugg


jill said...

i agree! some days it feels more difficult to maintain my style AND stay warm! my secret is to wear smart wool socks under my leather boots (no uggs for this girl). i really works - and if my feet stay warm i am a happy camper :) between that and my scarf obsession i may just make it through another chicago winter!

your outfit turned out great - the scarf and white button up were perfect adds.

Lilly Style said...

I think your outfit looks great even with the Uggs!
I wore mine today as well, it's snowing outside and my feet will appreciate it :)

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I know what you mean about dressing at the gym. Ugh! When I can, I try on my outfit the night before and make sure everything looks good before packing them...

I really love that scarf. Send it to me when you tire of it, k? :)

Linda Rose said...

Good for you for trying! I didn't even try today. I'm in a sweatshirt AND Uggs! Ha ha!

Stefanie said...

I am with you, some times you just have to bust out the Uggs. You still look chic!

i'm B. said...

ugh! speaking of uggs...
today i was in a sort-of earthy shoe store (earth shoes, birks, uggs, etc.) and they had those clog boot uggs for $135 (or was it 143? can't remember...) from $180. do you know the ones? i was oh-so tempted. but i left without them and i think i'm seriously regretting it. in fact, i've been thinking about them all day. i only had like, 10 minutes in the store (it was totally random, we stopped at a starbucks on the way to CO & this store was next door) and it was final sale! it made me nervous so i chickened out. $135 (or $143) is a lot to spend on a whim. i'd been eyeing those boots earlier this season, and now i've totally missed my golden opportunity! gah. now i'm off to scour the internet for a better deal....

SpryOnTheWall said...

Oh please, you have to be warm and Uggs are just what the doctor ordered! Love it!

karen★ said...

i am not one of the millions that feels that uggs ruin an outfit. if your feet aren't warm, then basically a whole entire day can be ruined. screw the uggs haters! (that should totally be a bumper sticker.)

i love the look of the white top underneath the sweater. i remember that sweater from last winter & it is one of my all time favorites. you look cozy & beautiful.

for some reason the injections that i take right now are keeping me warm. so warm that my sweaters haven't even been taken out this year. i really really miss them. (injections suck. that should totally be a bumper sticker.)


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