Monday, December 6, 2010

good look for less, EXPRESS!

Today's EXPRESS consult is for Samantha... she is a mom of a young child and also works part time. She is in the common rut of t-shirts and yoga pants on her days off and slacks and sweaters on her working days. While nothing is wrong with these two types of outfits per se... there are so many more simple and stylish ways to express your personal style that are just as easy to pull off.

For Samantha my goal was to choose outfits with that in mind: simple style.

Let's take a look!

This first outfit is great office alternative to slacks and sweaters... it's just as simple and just as comfortable... but kicked up a notch! I love this style skirt as it works with all body types. It accentuates the waist and disguises the thigh/hip/butt area, if that is a problem for you. If that is NOT a problem for you it will still look amazing on you. This skirt can do no wrong!

For casual day with the kiddos a striped shirt is a go-to. It's simple but refined and right now it's very on trend. Add a fun pair of comfy flats and a cozy military style jacket and you are all set!

Leggings are such a great option for a mom on the go... I love how they look great, but are still the ultimate in comfort. If you have never worn leggings before or are nervous about wearing them... I would go with a really high-quality pair like this Gap Body pair. I have a pair from Gap Body that fit amazing and are surprisingly good at hiding flaws. Simple layers top off this outfit for more added interest.


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Jenny said...

One of your best ever- such wearable, stylish looks!


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