Friday, November 12, 2010

what to wear: weekend!

I saw this skirt on and immediately gasped (!!!!) Gap. selling. sequins. Um, yes please!! I showed my husband this skirt and he promised to take me on a date if I bought it... I, ahem, see this skirt and a date in my future! Now if the fairy-babysitter-godmother would just pay us a visit, we'd be set.

What are your plans this weekend? Any hot dates? Any sequins at least?


Daphne said...

Very pretty. Hope you guys have a great date.
We are going to Legoland with the family tomorrow. Those are the big plans! :)

PS~Erin said...

No hot dates this weekend, but the hubby took off on Monday. No sequins for me, but a lunch date is in my future :-)

Happy weekend to you!

maria said...

wowzers, awesome skirt!!!! great find jill! going to check it out now!

nmaha said...

That skirt deserves a date. Hope you get to rock the look.

My mom recently got me a short sequined poncho! I love wearing it over jeans and a regular t-shirt or wife beater.Instant dress-up. I must let you know that all my best pieces are gifted by my mom!

Reagan said...

Love that skirt--except you'll have to wait a while to buy/wear it. Darn 30/30!


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