Wednesday, November 17, 2010

shopping guide: gilded!

We all know that all things take their turn in the trend position and move one... time after time. Gold is in just that position right now... whether you love it or not, it's here for a bit. So why not enjoy the glow of gold on your skin or even in your home these days. And who wouldn't loved a gilded gift under the Christmas tree this year?

1. I love this simple but chic little necklace... what a fun addition to jeans and a tee! (Gold Bow Necklace, Charlotte Russe, $8.50)

2. Be holiday part ready with this fun little mini-skirt! (Gold Brocade Skirt, Delias, $39.50)

3. This gorgeous scarf would make any lady in your life happy on Christmas morning... and it's a great neutral that could be easily added to any outfit! (Partly Cloudy Scarf, Anthropologie, $48)

4. A gold sweater? Yes, please. How fun is this to brighten up your winter? (Sparkle Pullover, Madewell, $68)

5. I bought some gold nail polish recently and it is so fun to wear! Your nails will surely be New Years Eve ready in these! (Vernis Gold Nail Polish, Dior, $21)

6. I love giving nice little cosmetic bags and pouches for gifts. Everyone can use them and they usually are the perfect price point! (Foiled Again Pouch, Kate Spade, $75)

7. A sweet little headband that would easily add sweetness to any outfit! (Rhinestone Gold Headband, Arden B, $19)

8. I love gold watches lately... this wrap around one is a unique design and the price is RIGHT! (Wrap-around Watch, Urban Outfitters, $38)

9. Splurge on some gold eye shadow this season... what better time to wear it than the holidays? (Metallic Gold Eye Shadow, Bobbi Brown, $20)


Les said...

Love! Especially the nail polish, the eye shadow, the watch...ok I just love it all!

Sweet Details said...

Love that skirt!!! :)

Hilary said...

Thank you so much for this post. I have been wondering how to add a little sparkle to my winter wardrobe and this is perfect!

Caitlin said...

oooohhh i LOVE this!!! so pretty :)

Caitlin said...

oooohhh i LOVE this!!! so pretty :)

Daphne said...

Wow, for the first time I actually love each and every piece here. I must like gold! The urban outfitters wrap around watches are amazing. Added to my wish list for xmas... :)

LindsFM said...

That sweater is perfect. Great picks!

LindsFM said...

That sweater is perfect. Great picks!


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