Wednesday, November 10, 2010

readers choice?

Would it be fun to do a "readers choice" for my 30/30 Challenge? Check out all my items here... let me know if you have any questions about any of the pieces and leave a comment on what you think a fun combo would be.

This may be fun or a huge bust... let's see!

oxo, Jill


elizabethashleyphoto said...

magenta tank with chambray button up over it and open (like a cardi), with leopard belt at waist. skinny jeans with michael kors brown boots. But only if the two demins are different enough. Otherwise how about the same top combo but with black skinnies and the sam edelman flats?

How about the lace top with the white cozy sweater over it and then with cargo pants and your clogs? The lace will dress up the casual outfit a bit.

This is a fun idea - hopefully you'll get some good and different suggestions!

Breenah said...

Pink F21 tank, brown boots, with whatever jacket/cardi and jeans you want.
I love those boots.

Breenah said...

Except now I realize this is what you're wearing in your header on your blog, lol.
Instead, maybe the skinnies, black boots, magenta tank and grey shrug?

Daphne said...


•Blue blouse, white sweater, cargos or black skinnies, clogs
•Black dress, B/W striped sweater, black boots
•Blue blouse, fur vest, skinny jeans, brown boots
•Lace top, black cardigan, skinny jeans, black boots
•Blue blouse, pleather blazer, skinny jeans, clogs
•White T under black dress, fur vest (belted), black boots

Ok, I should stop and try this on my own closet. ;) Such a cool challenge!

Elisabeth said...

oooooh. how about the lace top with the fur vest, skinny jeans, and your embellished flats? could be too much or amazing.

Rachel said...


Maybe the Blue floral top, White cozy sweater, Cargos, and Clogs.


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