Wednesday, November 10, 2010

work it wednesday: faux fur vests!

Since I chose a faux fur vest in my 30 pieces and because their seems to be a lot of internet chatter as to whether or not this is an easy style to wear, I thought it would be fun to feature this piece for a Work It Wednesday. That is where I take one piece and show you how to work it in your wardrobe three ways. Practicality and versatility are the two things that make any item in your wardrobe easier to wear... and in a case like this the combo of practicality + versatility + trend + beauty can seem like a tough order to fill. But I think it can be done!

This vest from Target is MOST similar to the one that I own (which I found second-hand)... but a lot of stores are carrying them these days... I even saw a few really cute styles at Forever 21 when I was in the store last week.

A fun (and warm) outfit for going out on a winter's night... maybe a girls night out, or even New Years eve?!?

I love this simple everyday look... the boots are perfect for a wet or snowy day! And the vest will keep you looking chic and feeling warm!

Business casual anyone? Slip in to the office in this little number... and you'll be looking fab!

Do you have a faux fur vest... if you do, hopefully you have some new ideas on how to style it.. if not... I hope you want one now! Happy Wednesday all!


Sturgmom said...

I wish I could wear vests, but I think they are better on slimmer people. I'm pretty broad through the shoulders, and vests seem to shop me up and make me look more linebacker-ish. You look fab in yours, though!

Sturgmom said...

That should say *chop, not *shop. Sorry.

Kelly said...

Great outfits! I love the way you styled it on yourself as well :)

LifestyleBohemia said...

Lovely outfits!
I don't have a faux fur vest (yet) but it's definitely on the top of my wish list!

chai am woman said...

i am a big fan of vests. would definitely wear something similar to most of these looks... awesome post!

Amy said...

Is that purple shirt in the bottom section from Anthro? I didn't see it on their website?


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