Monday, November 15, 2010

maternity wardrobe consults!

In the past few weeks I have done not one, but TWO maternity wardrobe consults! If you are expecting a baby as well, I thought it would be fun to post a few of the outfits to give you some inspiration on outfits as your belly grows... and if you are not (like me) you can ohh and ahh over the cute "belly" centered outfits. (keep in mind these outfits are a mish-mash of two consults... I'm just bringing you all the best of the best!)

I think there are two types of basics that can really make your maternity wardrobe work for you. Great bottoms (well fitting jeans and leggings are a great place to start) and fun accessories. You won't grow out of accessories, promise!

It's fun to snag a couple items, like this shimmery top that are a little more dressy. Especially with the holidays coming up or for when you need (mentally) to feel a little extra special!

Somehow I unconsciously chose the same pair of flats for each gal. But flats are key when you are pregnant... you want something that you can keep good footing with and also that you can slip on and off easily (no ties!). Plus, I was always the queen of slipping my shoes off at work! Then when your co-w0rkers or boss comes by you can slip them back on quick! ha!

Another trick I loved while pregnant was stealing super flowy and roomy items from the "regular" shops... this dress is from Forever 21, but has more than enough room for a growing belly when layered over leggings!


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Liz said...

Jill! I love how these are so stylish that I can get non-maternity inspiration from them :) Wishing I was wearing that last look today!


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