Thursday, October 21, 2010

my outfit: slouchy sweater!

Hey, hey, hey ladies! First off, a HUGE and I mean HUGE thank you on the successful launch of good tots! yesterday! WOW! I found out that a) a lot of my readers are moms (which I guess I kinda knew) and that b) you want more motherhood, baby, kid stuff. So I really hit the right chord with that! Hooray! I myself am so excited to have more of a "mommy" outlet for myself and somehow unleashing that part of my brain over there... inspires me here in a whole new way. If that makes sense!

Back to business here... I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but seriously... I got the latest JCrew catalog in the mail the other day and I can't. stop. swooning. Every time it happens. Every time! So I have to say that today's outfit is a little inspired by JCrew. At least it's my own execution... using things I already own.

I'm going to try and post my outfits with their respective "outerwear" layer since the weather is cool and I usually try to choose a jacket or coat that compliments the outfit. That is until January when I wear my long puffer coat for 60 days straight. Let's all admit that it might get a little old then. But in the meantime, this is a nylon almost-puffer-but-not-kind-of-moto-cross-style jacket that I got FOREVER ago from Banana Republic. Like really forever. It has a Euro feel to me and has zippered pockets (I love pockets in a coat... don't ask me why... I don't know!) and it's machine washable. It's pretty much perfect.

I got this slouchy sweater at the Gap recently and it's so soft and light, but still has a good deal of warmth to it. The chambray shirt and bold necklace are as close to perfection, I mean, JCrew as I could get.

This is mostly unrelated, but I also decided to start keeping an inspiration file on my desktop with outfits that I see and like... and yes, I'm like 50 years behind on that. BUT, as I start collecting them, I'm hoping to showcase them here and incorporate the styles that inspire me into my wardrobe in a practical way.

I've got to run, but check back later today for another JCrew inspired post... maybe (probably) even more fun that this one! Promise!

Jeans, Forever 21 (similar)
Sweater, Gap
Chambray Top, Old Navy (similar)
Necklace, Charlotte Russe
Flats, Old Navy (similar)


Kelly said...

I love the look of a chambray top with jeans. Very classic and VERY J Crew! :)

Cathy W. said...

Jill - I love this outfit! I also love the idea of an inspiration board. I always see such great ideas in catalogs and magazines and then I forget about them. An inspiration board would definitely help!

Linda Rose said...

You're looking so cozy and chic! I am loving that sweater!

Milly said...

love this outfit...fab sweater

karen★ said...

i'm so with you on that new j-crew magazine. everything is just pretty & perfect & this outfit is definitely all about j-crew. and that sweater is from the gap? it is so cute & comfy for autumn. you look great!


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