Thursday, October 7, 2010

my outfit: au naturale!

Something about the combo of this leaf necklace, the swingy cardi and curly hair and I'm feeling good in my skin. I would own a million flowy sweaters like this one (that is, if I had the money and the closet space). So comfortable and simple for the usual busy-ness that life brings. And these clogs, I mean... are you sick of them yet? I wear them pretty much every day. I just LOVE them.

Kendi had a great post on perfectionism and blogging and it really rang true to me - and likely many other bloggers that put their "real life" out for all to see (judge, critique and otherwise). I do it for you and me in what is usually a healthy balance... but sometimes it makes me second guess myself. Will they be sick of this top, do they hate these jeans, what about the clogs, do they think they are silly????? And the mind-talk goes on and on and on. But through all that I need to remember to be true to myself. I hope you like my true self... but if you don't I have to be fine with that too.

Is perfectionism something you battle with? It can be tough to overcome... I know I go through phases with it. Where nothing is good enough and I am easily down on myself.

But isn't that such a waste of time? We should be focusing on the amazing things we can and do accomplish and the amazing life we live - not the lack of. Somehow this post took a serious turn... but it's true.

To lighten things up a bit... I have eluded to a little Vegas trip I have coming up. And Jackie over at Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle spilled the beans on her blog yesterday - She and I have a fabulous little blogger meet-up planned in Vegas this weekend! How fun is that? My husband goes for work every fall and I tag along and she and I happened to be emailing back and forth about a way to meet in person. I suggested she and her husband meet us there - since it's in her (relative) neck of the woods and voila! Everything worked out and we are set to finally meet and hang out this weekend! I couldn't be MORE excited! Of course we will fill you all in on our shopping, sunning and sipping of cocktails together when we return! I still have to pack and do a million-trillion things before leaving, but I am so excited to meet my long time blogging buddy!

Necklace, courtesy of Linkel Designs
T-Shirt, JCrew (similar)
Jeans, Seven for all Mankind
Clogs, UGG
Bracelets, Charlotte Russe (similar)


Cathy said...

I love that you are true to who you are! I like that fact that you mix up the items in your closet and you aren't showing us something brand new all the time, because that is how the majority of us live. Most of us are on some kind of budget and we wear the same shoes/jeans/shirts/whatever in different ways all the time. You are really good at showing us how to mix things up. Keep going!

maria said...

loving this outfit....its so flowy and feminine, very pretty with your skin tone!! you girls are gonna have such a good time, take lots of pictures please!!!

jill said...

jill, i appreciate that you keep it real! wouldn't we all love to have endless shoes/clothes options? the beauty and skill of doing what you do is to mix it up with what you DO have! i love it. keep up the good work. love the flowy cardigan. and have a great time in las vegas!!

b.a. said...

LOVE this outfit! i wish i was wearing it now. and i'm so jealous of your vegas trip! mr.a & i are coming next year! :)

Debbie said...

what a pretty outfit! thank you for posting. sometimes we are our harshest critics and it is not helpful to us at all.

Every one of your outfits is great-- so you can tell those thoughts to be gone forever. :)

Love the leaf necklace.

Linda Rose said...

I totally related to Kendi's post! I have been thinking about it all myself lately and am finding out who I am and what I want to do (style wise, that is).
So jealous you're going to Vegas! It's one of my favorite places on earth. Hope you go see a good show!

Esther said...

I love this outfit! So cute!!

croquetteshouse said...

I love this outfit! So simple and look so comfortable! I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

Team Botanical said...

Super fun that you and Jackie get to meet. Since she's the one that "introduced" me to you, after all. Have so much fun!

Emily Wilson said...

This outfit looks so simple yet beautiful. I love your style! I have learned so much by reading your blog because I have absolutely NO fashion sense. Thank you for sharing your style advice!

karen★ said...

i love the leaf so pretty. i feel like this outfit is completely me. i love flowy. flowy is never never out of place. i also could NOT ever be sick of the clogs. never. (i really love those jeans with them too.)

i'm not an everyday reader of kendi's blog, but that was a great post. i am a perfectionist in the worst possible way; i honestly think that's why i got sick. weird right? it's a little way of saying "hey, kiddo. calm down. not every faucet has to sparkle 24/7." it's easy to focus on the bad sometimes...even when we're better than we can see.


Jackie said...

Should I say it one more time?? Super excited to see you this weekend! I agree with many of the others-the reason why I have always loved your blog is because you are totally relatable to the "real woman", who doesn't have unlimited funds to buy the most expensive, trendy new items out there. Seeing how you mix and match the same pieces through different outfits is much more inspiring than seeing the latest $1000 pair of shoes you bought.

christina said...

You look GREAT as always. I love this post. Love your voice and how real you are. So refreshing. I hope you and Jackie have a fab weekend!


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