Wednesday, September 29, 2010

work it wednesday: hunter wedge boots!

Get ready to swoon ladies!

If you are a lover of Hunter boots and/or wellies (rain boots) in general you are going to flip for this adorable new style from Hunter that I am TOTALLY digging. The Hunter wedge wellie... did I mention they lace up the back? A.DOR.ABLE. I can't get enough of them!

So I whipped up three great ways to wear these amazing boots, Work It Wednesday style!

I just want to jump right into this first outfit and wear it everyday... I love the idea of taking these ultra practical and utilitarian boots (albeit adorable) and adding super romantic and feminine pieces to them to make a super chic outfit. Also, how cozy would this outfit be???

Hunter boots are so classic chic that I couldn't leave out an ultra classic outfit featuring a great trench. Don't the two seem to pair (trench + wellies) nicely? Come to think of it... I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit today either... I'm hopeless!

Now I am in big trouble, because I honestly can't choose a favorite here... this outfit is very "me". Black skinnies, black blazer and fun accessories in between. This outfit is super simple with a dash of fun mixed in.

Can you choose a favorite? Are you in love like me?


Debbie said...

yes are so cute! do you know if they are comfortable for walking a lot? Thanks!

SpryOnTheWall said...

Super cute (I'm still partial to the originals though, I can't get them out of my head. Too bad my bank account won't allow me to purchase - LOL!)

Your mom said...

Love my wellies (especially since they are gray and pink plaid). Now if only they were wedges they'd *really* be perfection *Sigh*

Unknown said...

i don't think i'm feelin' the wedge Hunter - something doesn't feel right about that ..

PS - GIVE-AWAY going on - just wanna spread the love!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Also not digging the wedge Hunter--aside from aesthetic, doesn't it seem like a slip and fall hazard? Don't break an ankle, I couldn't live with you accessorizing with a brace!



Unknown said...

I LOVE the wedge Hunter wellies! And with laces up the back? Total love! I like the gray ones. Thanks for sharing!

Kendra said...

thanks for sharing. i LOVE wellies, and those are super-cute.



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