Monday, September 27, 2010

good look for less, EXPRESS!

I've got another good look for less EXPRESS consult for you today! Jennifer is a nurse that spends tons of hours in scrubs... when she's off work she wants a classic, preppy and practical wardrobe that is easy to pull together but still very stylish. She's a self-proclaimed clothes horse (nothing wrong with that!) and admitted that she has most of the basics, but just wanted more ideas on pulling together outfits quickly.

What I worked to do for Jennifer was pull together "ideas" for outfits... and to keep in mind that the actually pieces could be swapped out for items that she already owns.

This first look is a classic outfit to pull together. A day dress, with a jean jacket and boots. The specific items I pulled here are gorgeous, but you could easily swap them out for pieces in your closet already - that is Jennifer, or any one else reading this!

In keeping with that theme... I really love this outfit. But if you look at the individual pieces of it, it's really quite basic. A great pair of jeans, a boyfriend cardi, belt and flats. If you are a busy lady, it's great to have looks like this in your arsenal to quickly pull on!

One of my favorite silhouettes for fall and winter is skinny or straight jeans with an oversized or super chunky sweater. It's not only practical (warm!) but it is also very flattering to most body types, especially when the top has a longer profile like this one.


Best wishes Jennifer!

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Ephemeral Evidence said...

Love the boots. I just bought a pair of grey slouchy boots and a pair of leather black boots on they are having buy one get one half off and free shipping over $50. Their boots are really really cute this season and some great knock-offs! HOORAY!

valerievalerie said...

Love this collection. I'm all about the denim jacket with my dresses. So cute. Haven't been able to get into the boots, though. I feel like they just never work. Think I need to find the right pair.


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