Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my outfit: summer to fall!

This is the time of year that I start itching to wear some of my new fall duds... the clogs are the perfect example. You all know I am nuts for clogs this season and I put my money where my mouth was and snagged a pair. These were part of my birthday "splurge"! Nordstrom's Anniversary sale was generous enough to give me almost a full $50 off this pair that I have been swooning over since I first saw them. I was game.

We had a 70 degree day so I was easily able to justify a lite-weight long sleeve top and the clogs - after the 80's & 90's we've been having it almost felt cold! These clogs are heavenly... they are UGG brand and have a little bit of Ugg "fuzz" at the toes... I am such a sucker for UGGS! I just can not wait for the temps to cool... fall makes me practically giddy! The leaves, the apples, the cider, the cool nights! Love it all!

I snagged these jeans recently from Gap too... they are listed as more online. But the store I was at had them for $12.99 and 40% off of that. They were like $8 total. The patches are so cool and the distressing is perfect. I have had a hard time taking them off since the challenge ended. What items do you have on your fall shopping list? I have some more shopping to do... of course, you all will see it here first!

One quick note: I often have people comment or send me emails about sources for my outfit photos... I usually ALWAYS leave links below under "details"... check them out to purchase the items for yourself if you are interested!!

Cardigan, local boutique (similar)
Tank, F21 (similar)
Belt, local boutique (similar)
Jeans, Gap
Handbag, Duex Lux (similar)
Clogs, UGG
Necklace, okatebobateo etsy shop


Katie said...

I love the clogs! Super cute.

kristen said...

You look adorable! The calm neutrals are really nice. I love, love, love the belted cardi. I've got to remember to do that!

karen★ said...

I'm with Kristen on this one with the belted cardi. And $8 for those jeans? You are one very lucky (& well dressed) lady!

Jackie said...

Adorbs! You belong in the pages of your fall looks:book! Which I am seriously loving. Having a hard time narrowing down what I want!

b.a. said...

cute! i love the ugg clogs.

on another note: i may bite the unfashionable bullet and buy some ugg boots this year. they're just so.dang.comfy!!! i've been putting it off for years, and i feel like this might be the year. it's TOTALLY justified when you live in the midwest....right???


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