Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my outfit: fall preview!

This past weekend I spent a rainy morning raiding my closet and getting excited about fall... I played "dress up" big time to get a feel for what I already had in my closet for fall before I got TOO excited about buying more for fall. I think the 30/30 Challenge has made me more disciplined (success!). My fall shopping list seems about a mile long... not good. I wanted to dig into what I had first to make sure it didn't get shoved to the back of the closet with the new. This week I'll show you all my fun "existing" fall looks - then hopefully in the coming weeks I'll mix in some new as well!


I mentioned that this fall I will have more dedicated time away from the kids to grow and work on the blog. I am hoping to do a lot of my work in local coffee shops. One of the things I miss the most about being a mom is the ability to just be out and about around town on my own. I look forward to people watching while working and being able to dress up a little more fun than I would if it were me and the kids toting around town.

This outfit is a perfect example. Still casual, a bit more polished. I love the black and brown combo here - it's subdued but classy. It's a little hard to tell, but the boots are dark brown.

Layering on the necklaces this season is just TOO fun! I just love it! They get a little messy and tangled, but that's the name of the game I guess.

I have had this blazer from the Gap for forever, but I still just LOVE pulling it out and wearing it. It's perfectly broken in. Is there one fall piece you are looking forward to wearing again?

Blazer, Gap
Necklaces, Forever 21
Black Skinnies, Courtesy of TULLE
Tank, Banana Republic

Steal this look!


annie said...

Love this outfit... those necklaces definitely tie the look together! I'm making a mental note for when temperatures here in sunny Florida get cooler!

kelly said...

new to your blog and I am just loving it..daily source of inspiration!!

M.O.T.B said...

I love Fall clothes. I love dressing myself and my boys. My son has an adorable brown and burnt orange jacket I can't wait for him to wear:)

Ambar said...

Love the necklaces! My hubby just got me the one from Forever 21 in 3 colors!! I can't wait to fit them into my wardrobe!

dear kate said...

great accessories! i am so ready for fall! :)

Reagan said...

I heart mixing browns and blacks. Whoever said you shouldn't do it was seriously misinformed!

Jackie said...

This outfit looks so good on you! And how fun to do your work out and about. I too miss being able to be out without the kids. This is going to be so great for you!

kristen said...

You look great! It's the perfect combo of dressy and casual. Very classy.

karen★ said...

BOOTS! I love seeing them again. That is definitely my favorite part of fall...the shoes, boots, clogs, uggs...you name it...if it goes on your foot and isn't a sandal, I LOVE IT! you look great & have made me antsy for autumn!

Heather said...

Great post. The jewelry makes it...and YEAH! Can't wait for boot season

20 York Street said...

This outfit screams I am cool and beautiful!

Yet ready to get down to business of course!


Angeline said...

Love this outfit! I'd totally rock it for Casual Friday. Piling on necklaces is one of my favorite things. I can't wait to bust out the boots for fall!

Michelle said...

I have those same boots in the camel color! I love them!


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