Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my outfit: 28/30!

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As mentioned yesterday... the 30/30 Challenge has taken me to great lengths: prayers have been said, wishes have been made and surprisingly I haven't had any 30/30 nightmares yet. This is a last ditch effort. A blatant rip-off. I just decided to copy an outfit. Yep.

Someone else in the Challenge (don't remember who!?!?) did white on white. So here is my version of white on white too. I pulled out the sarong and wrapped it around a few times as a belt and voila! White on white is actually really fun to wear and quite refreshing (minus the "don't touch me" scowls I had to give the munchikins... I kid, I kid! errr, maybe!). I felt like a cloud all day!

Now fess up... who are the white on white fellow bloggers??? If it's you... tell me!

T-shirt, Gap
Skirt, Gap
Sarong (as belt), Gap
Necklace, Old Navy
Sandals, F21


Maria said...

great job Jill, way to think outside of the box, your always full of surprises!!

*starr fish said...

Yay for cute and comfortable! This far into the challenge and you're still coming up with totally different looks, awesome job! This challenge is a great way to stretch one's wardrobe and get out of always going to the same handful of outfits.

Melissa said...

I did white on white but I'm not doing the challenge (darn it! next time...) so I doubt that it was mine you saw.

I absolutely love this look on you, I think it might be one of my favorites. The skirt fits you nicely and the pops of color are great. So summery and cheerful!

Michelle said...

I love this look! One of my friends said a few years ago "You can never wear too much white" and I completely agree. You look gorgeous!

karen★ said...

i am definitely white on white, but my children, who are perfectly pristine at all times, never ever make me worry that i'll get anything on it. ha. ha. HOWEVER. this is why i LOVE BLEACH!!! and i really love the way that you tied the sarong. you look fresh and clean & like the dove girl that i think you secretly are. LOVE IT!


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