Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my outfit: 21/30!

30 for 30 Banner

It's fun to be "legal" and patriotic... like my "I VOTED" sticker? I can't resist... I'm a sucker for a sticker (and patriotism!). Have I mentioned I adore this top... I do believe I have. Usually when I have a "favorite" shirt, I push it back and forth in my closet - never pulling it out - in fear of over-wearing it. Isn't that the silliest thing... does any one else feel like they have to "save" their favorites? This challenge has taught be to just WEAR them already. So I have. Three times in the past 21 days to be exact. That's an awful lot. But you know what? I feel like a million in this top. So now I am feeling like a million once a week. And how can one say no to that?

Do you play a silly mental game of chess with your clothing selections... carefully watching every move? It's silly. I can't believe I do it. I'm gonna quit.

I am getting a little anxious to get the last 9 outfits out of the way. There are some pieces in my closet I am missing. Especially only being able to choose between two pairs of jeans. It's like TORTURE! If you are doing the challenge, are you ready for it to be done?

Top, Courtesy of TULLE
Jeans, F21 (similar - love these!)
Wedges, Target (similar)
Belt, local boutique (similar)


b.a. said...

i totally wimped out from doing this challenge because i knew i'd go crazy and then probably cheat! and then i'd have to admit it to everyone and feel super-lame. bravo for sticking it out! you can do it! only nine more. accessorize the crap out of something! :)

ag. said...

i defffinitely 'save' my fave outfits...mostly because i try and think ahead and plan to wear them on days when i'm doing something that i can show it off or want to look my best (lame!). and for fear of wearing my favourites too often, i definitely swap in others that aren't so great. so funny how we play these games! my husband always says he is happy he does not have these 'girl problems'!

Laura said...

ha ha! I totally plan my outfits and plan ahead when I'm going to wear my favorites. Since I go to the gym only on Wednesdays and Fridays, I feel embarressed when I get dressed for work and realize that I had worn that same outfit on the same day the last week - or even two or three weeks in a row! It keeps me honest.

I love the challenge! Keep it up - only a few more days. :)

Jess said...

I love seeing your outfits from the challenge! I also saw your capsule collections, I love that idea and would love to see more!

Just wanted to say I totally save the "best outfits" and then sometimes wear them only once or twice. I am becoming aware of it and trying not to do it. Totally inspired by your style, thanks.


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