Sunday, August 1, 2010

my outfit: 18/30!

30 for 30 Banner

First things first... some of you are going to HATE this outfit. I knew that when I put it on. And I am okay with it, duh, otherwise I wouldn't have put it on. But let's be clear... this is NOT denim on denim. It's chambray on denim. But you know what, that's just a technicality... I'm not trying to justify it. I will justify the outfit this way: I like it, you don't have to.

If you want to draw a line in the sand, wear denim on denim and post it on your blog.


I will ask respectively though, that if you don't like this outfit I don't need to hear it. I'll accept silence as your disapproval. If you do like, you should try it. This outfit was super comfy. I think this chambray top is going to get an MVP award this summer. It is the one summer buy I have worn the most.

The pop of bold color in the necklace was definitely necessary to break up the monochromatic look of the outfit. The nude sandals kept it super relaxed feeling. Over all, I felt great all day.

Top, Old Navy (similar)
Shorts, DIY (similar)
Sandals, F21 (similar)
Necklace, Old Navy (similar)


Elena said...

lol, wow, yeah I guess some people won't stand for DD ("double denim"). But I like the look! I'm starting to wish I had gotten a chambray shirt! Very cute and weekend-appropriate :)

Nicole said...

I do like the chambray shirt a lot! I love red with denims as well...always a classic look for me! Did you get that shirt at Old Navy? Great style on you! Very flattering!

cami said...

You pull it off wonderfully because your chambray top is lighter and doesn't look like denim on denim. I'm not a huge Brooklyn Tuxedo fan, but this is a great look you're doing. I've even learned that I can be swayed in my old beliefs of what belongs together. Poo Poo to nay sayers.. your outfit rocks!

Elisa @ whatthevita said...

It works because of the necklace - it took the outfit to the next level. I always like how you put your outfits together... It's helped me look at my closet in a new way, because I have similar items in my closet as you do.

Sarah said...

I really like the necklace. It adds so much to the outfit. I love chambray as well.

Dawn said...

LOVE it!!! Take a look at JCrew's fall lookbook...outfit #14..I would say YOU are right on trend!!

Kelly said...

I love it - that necklace really makes the outfit! That's one thing I've learned from you, that a bold necklace can take the blah out of everyday outfits. Today I even twisted two chunky necklaces together and it looked great!

Ashley @ The Hillside Home said...

I, for one, LOVE THIS LOOK. I must have a chambray top!!! Might have to make an Old Navy run this week! :)

Dobbygirl said...

I need a chambray shirt - you've convinced me :o)

Natalie said...

The "Canadian Tuxedo" is so hot right not! I love it! I will need to go find me a chambray top too!
Pocket of Presh

karen★ said...

I really love the whole thing! I have a chambray shirt, thanks to your genius, & I am trying it with my homemade distressed shorts tomorrow! You rock!


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