Friday, August 20, 2010

fall looks:book inspiration!

A ton of work goes into each and every one of my looks:books. Fall's edition was no different! My whole goal of these books is to literally go through all of what is available in mainstream retail and then pare it down from there to what I think are the most "wearable" and versatile of all of it. I choose TEN styles or types of clothing, accessories or shoes to start. Then from there I select items within that style at several price points. Once those items are chosen I mix and match it all into outfits.

So say for instance that you want to buy a pair of clogs this year... but you don't know which pair to buy or how to style them. Well you are in luck! I chose clogs for this season's looks:book - so you can find several options there and several outfit layouts to inspire you how to wear them this season!

I thought I would give you a little peak at some of my inspiration for this seasons top ten featured in the looks:book... little bits and pieces of each of these outfits can be found in the fall looks:book!

If you love ANY of these looks... you will just love my fall looks:book! Buy it here now!

(images 1-3 via JCrew, image 4 via Gap)


jill said...

yes, please! looking forward to seeing it :)

Paige said...

love the jcrew pieces!!!
I can't wait for fall!



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