Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When do you start thinking about fall?

It's silly to even think... but I am kind of getting a hankering for fall already. Of course I love the long sunny days, sweaty kids and sun-kissed shoulders... but I also can't help but start dreaming about fall clothes, shoes and more. It's hands-down my favorite time to shop.

Some things I'm swooning over?

I don't know if it would be physically possible for me to even walk in these clogs... but aren't they gorgeous?

I always love picking out a new pair of jeans... or two for the fall. Aren't these just fab? Destruction at it's best!

Mmmm.... cozy sweaters in deliciously deep hues. I just love the side-zip on this one!

Or a classic trench like this for those sunny and crisp fall days!

Fringe and suede is always welcome!

So what about you... already dreaming of fall, like me?


Kate said...

Ah, I was just thinking of doing a similar post but wasn't sure if I should hold out on my fall wants until later in the summer! Haha! I have definitely already started thinking about fall fashions - on my must have list? White dresses that aren't summery that can be paired with black tights, plum nail polish and high black wedges. Yes please! Liking those clogs & the side zip sweater! Cozy!

Kelly said...

Normally I would be... I love fall, it's definitely my favorite season. But summer has barely started yet here. I think we've had about 5 days spread out throughout June where the temperature got above 20 degrees celsius. Today is OK temperature-wise - got up to 23 - but it's been cloudy, rainy, grey, with a cool wind. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Those gray suede boots are mine!!! I have to have them!! Where are they from?

Jill GG said...

myflarelady... click the picture for shopping info! I know, these boots have my name ALL over them! Can't wait to scoop them up!

dear kate said...

oh lordy, tomorrow i will be posting a very fallish look. i'm getting in the mood too (even though i'm in love with summer). great post! :)

SpryOnTheWall said...

I'm already thinking, never too early!!


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