Friday, July 16, 2010

Reader Question: Wedding Reception Dress!

It is wedding season indeed! The last several reader questions I have done all pertain to dresses for attending a wedding in some manner. (check them out if you have summer weddings on your calendar!)

Tara emailed me recently... she has a wedding coming up this August. Her wedding is Friday night and the reception is the following day at a park (what a great idea!). She wanted help styling this dress that she has already purchased. And it's just adorable... let's take a look:

I love this dress... it has a decidedly summer-bride feel to it. Upon closer inspection, the belt/sash is actually navy blue. How fun!

A wedge is a perfect outdoor heel. It won't sink into the grass like a traditional pump, it's easier to walk in and still has a bit of height for glamour.

Playing off the navy in the sash, I chose this gorgeous Coach purse that is a shoulder or cross-body bag. It's small enough to look sophisticated... but big enough for the essentials for the bride. This would make an incredible wedding gift (hint, hint husband to be!) as it is beautiful and a Coach purse is always classic.

Elastic Flower Bracelet, Forever 21, $6.80
Tara mentioned that she is not big into jewelry. And the dress has many details that add flair to the outfit... so that it doesn't need much more. But this gold bangle is pretty and simple.

Messy Bun
I am picturing a sophisticated yet messy bun look for Tara's hair. It will show off the neckline of the dress perfectly.

Chiffon Flower Hair Clip, Forever 21, $1.50
I love the idea of tucking a few of these dainty and delicate flowers into the messy bun. Take advantage of your bride-status to sweeten up the look a little!

Congrats Tara! Have an amazing day!


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Tara said...

Oh I love it!!! Thank you so much Jill! Nice subtle hint too, I will have to forward to hubby to be, see if he catches up on it. :-)

canuck_grad said...

I love it too!!! Tara, what a great dress pick... please send Jill a picture of yourself on the big day for her to share with everyone! :)

KT said...

I'm just jumping into the 30 for 30 challenge too. Can't wait to see what you mix and match! Love today's denim on denim outfit.

Ashley Stinson @ The Hillside Home said...

i ADORE that dress. and great styling of course!
btw, so fun being on "the it list" today! yippee! :)

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

I love reading your explanations for why you would pair these items together. I always feel so overwhelmed when I am shopping- trying to pair things together with just instincts. If I keep reading your blog, I think I'll get to the point where I think "Well, Jill said. . ." when I'm shopping! :]


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