Friday, July 23, 2010

my outfit: 9/30!

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My whirlwind trip to Chicago was fantastic... now I am happy to be home and have the weekend in front of me though. That's what I love about trips... the fresh perspective and contentment with "home". The trip was busy and crazy... it included two days with my mom and my kids - one of those days spent downtown in the city, the other spent in my mom's residential neighborhood, still in the city, but away from the tourist stuff. Then the last day of my trip included meeting up with my husband in a suburb of the city where he was working and I got to "freeload" off his fancy hotel room, peace and quiet and hotel wifi. Also, several iced coffees were involved.

See that glimmer in my eye... that is me with uninterrupted sleep, meals, coffees and blogging time. Don't I look just radiant??? Ha! I wore this outfit for shopping til I dropped. Almost really.

...the glorious shopping. Most of it was for items for the house... our bedroom re-do is almost complete and some other little things I needed from IKEA were procured. (and shhhhh... new shoes - YES! Plural! - but those have to wait until after the challenge. I can deal. I just wear them to bed instead! I may or may not be kidding...)

Here's the highlights of the hotel room... who doesn't love a really great hotel room?

This sofa and ottoman set up was a perfect spot to blog from... how cute are those wood ottomans?

This oversized piece of artwork was cute and whimsical and a fun addition to the somewhat serious and masculine decor.

I also loved these little birds hanging out on the hanger bar... and one on the shelf above. So cute...

Polka Dot Top, courtesy of TULLE
Black Skinny Pants, courtesy of TULLE
Sandals, Forever 21 (similar)
Heart Necklace, Banana Republic (similar)


TeachingInHeels said...

Cute top! I love the little birds in the hotel room.

Jackie said...

Good for you getting some alone time! And in such a cute hotel room too-bonus!

Dobbygirl said...

So jealous! I've been craving some good hotel time, I'm a hotel nut - love 'em. I mean obsessed, too much hospitality fabric design I suppose :o) At a Color Marketing Group meeting one time, I met the lady who worked on the interiors of the Wynn in Las Vegas, I almost tackled her for details. She was afraid - LOL!

b.a. said...

you DO look radiant! totally gorgeous. i'm super jeal of everything about your trip: hotel? blogging time? iced coffee? sleep? ikea???? awesome. i should've met you there. it's like a halfway point. next time!
(wheels are now turning: maybe we should have a midwest blogger meet-up!)

coolkids said...

Just came across your blog. Love it! You have a new follower.:)


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