Thursday, July 22, 2010

my outfit: 8/30!

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Today's outfit photos are featuring one of my favorite Chicago landmarks... the BEAN!!!!

While I was in Chicago I visited the bean with the kiddos and my mom. We had a blast at Millenium Park... if you are visiting Chicago, you MUST see the bean. It's whimsical and modern and bold and maybe a touch magical. It instantly makes you want to find weird bends in it and bend your reflection with it's mirror-like features. So I figured... what better way to take my outfit photos? So they look a little bendy and funhouse-ish. But that's the fun!

So the 30/30 Challenge blazes on... and I'll be honest. I am really liking it! Packing for a trip (this one to Chicago) was so easy I almost couldn't believe it. Also, I love that I get to have access to only my "favorite" stuff and no apologies on repeats - which, by the way, are coming! I strongly believe, even now more than ever, that if you have a tight knit and well curated closet, it makes dressing easier and maybe even more fashionable!

I don't think I have mentioned one other "rule" of the 30/30 Challenge. No shopping. Dun, dun, dun! But next week is my birthday. And I am in CHICAGO!!! Dilemma! So I have to be 100% honest, I have done some shopping... but the fun will be holding on to all of it until the Challenge is over. Because now my 30 pieces are set in stone! And for the most part, my purchases have been for fall. So it will be fun to break them out in 20 so odd days!

The outfit, yes, the outfit... the morning started off as cool and windy. So I was happy to have the scarf (actually my sarong!)... by afternoon it was hotter than hot and then for the evening I changed to jeans and the scarf again for dinner out. So actually a really versatile outfit!

Shorts, DIY on old GAP pair (similar)
T-Shirt, GAP (similar)
Sarong/Scarf: GAP (similar)
Sandals, Forever 21 (similar)
Bag, GAP (similar)

*Wow, Gap heavy outfit, huh??? Gotta go with what works!


Elena said...

I LOVE the Bean! I must have taken 100 pics when I was there last Spring. My hubs wa like, ok babe I think you got all the angles now. Cute Chicago walking outfit!

When is your birthday??? I'm on Tuesday...a fellow Leo, I like it! :)

Dobbygirl said...

Ah many photos of the Bean in my life - Winter and Summer! Fun and great idea! Super cute outfit!!! happy early Birthday too!

Linda said...

I just took a picture like the first one you have here. The bean is so fun. What a great way to show your outfit! I love about your is that your pieces are not always crazy or colorful. They're neutral and you make them so beautiful. That's sort of what I'm working with too, so you're great inspiration!

MerciBlahBlah said...

Luh-huuuuve that sarong. It's saRIGHT. I know, I know - baaaaad, but I couldn't help myself.

dear kate said...

cute outfit and great pictures! i love the colorful scarf with the simple canvas of jean shorts and a white tee!

karen★ said...

I have never ever seen the"bean" before so it was fun to see a little of what you did! Love the outfit...& I love the way you photographed them! Such creative genius in such great clothes!

Stacy said...

I read an article about a movement of people who try to go an entire month wearing only six items of clothing...thought of you and your blog.

Von said...

Happy Birthday Jill!!!!!!!!
My b-day is next week also, on the 28th.

Thanks for the info on the BEAN. I have to check that out. :)


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