Thursday, July 29, 2010

my outfit: 15/30!

30 for 30 Banner

First off, HUGE thanks to all you lovely gals for the birthday wishes yesterday. Really. It never gets old to get well wishes from others! It was a low-key birthday (hard to do TOO MUCH with the kids being small and still so dependent) but a good one. As I right this, there is left over ice cream cake in the freezer. What else could a gal ask for?

Also, thank you for the words of encouragement about motherhood. I am glad to know I am not the only "crazy" one out there. (wait, did I just call us all crazy!?!?) It's silly to think I can let those little munchkins under my skin like that. Must be because I love them so much.

We've reached the half-way point with the challenge... WOW! I think this is where the rubber will meet the pavement... where things will really get interesting. I look in the closet and say, these old shirts again? (not that I have TONS of other options, that is...) But I'm not quitter... mixing and matching is the name of the game and I'm still IN. The lesson here is that though I may get sick of the individual pieces, there are still PLENTY of mixing opportunities. The well has by no means run dry.

I wore this outfit to a BBQ last weekend (I am a little behind on posting pictures - oops!) it was perfect for hanging with some other families and refereeing kids and eating tons of great food. Everything that summer is all about!

Cheers! Here, here to the next 15!

Top, JCrew (similar)
Jeans, F21 (similar)
Necklace, Banana Republic (this one is very similar and VERY cute in person!)
Sandals, F21 (similar)


pk @ Room Remix said...

I have one a very similar tank that I got at LOFT and I love it. Cute outfit!

LifestyleBohemia said...

I love the tank top - you can dress it up or down, it's perfect!

I just came across your blog & love it - am following now :)

shealennon said...

Happy late birthday! I love this combo of casual jeans with a dressier blouse--it's perfection!

paula said...

I think I have the same top. love the outfit and the hair!

Linda said...

You must be having a good hair day because your hair looks awesome!


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