Monday, July 12, 2010

must have!

I mentioned last week that I am already pining for fall goods... all that coziness has a strong pull for me.

But on a practical note, many of us won't be needing all those cozy warm clothes for 2-3 months at least. Pre-fall is another story though... there are tons of pieces popping up in stores that are perfect for the transition from summer to fall. These flats are a perfect example.

Gap's new Modern Flat comes in six colors... these two are my absolute favorites.

Gap Modern Flat in Ballet Pink, $39.50

Gap Modern Flat in Metallic Silver, $39.50

They look super comfy and like a perfect match with Gap's new jean leggings which also happen to be on my must have list!

Cute, no?


elizabethashleyphoto said...

Very cute! I love the flats; great find! I might have to check them out.

I recently started keeping my eyes open for a good "jegging" and put them on my wish list.

I was at Old Navy this weekend and picked up The Flirt skinny jeans and they are super stretchy like a legging but still have some structure. They will be great for tucking into boots. I also got The Sweetheart skinny jeans in 2 washes since they were only $19! Not quite as stretchy as The Flirt but they will be better with heels or flats for me. I also love that Old Navy has all of their skinny jeans in the Short length. Regular just looks silly on a 5'2" gal like myself.

Sarah Lenhart said...

Cute! I so wish I could pull off skinny jeans but they don't look nearly as cute on me as they do on someone who is shorter and has tinier hips (gosh darn that baking addiction of mine!).

Dawn said...

hmmm...have to check out Gap leggings!!
LOVE the flats too!

Liz said...

Yes please! Except I'm thinking my next Gap jeans will be black skinnies to replace my faded Forever21 pair!

香昱信張君林 said...
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芸茂芸茂 said...
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MrsKinne said...

Those flats look fantastic-- and they seem like they have more structure to them than most of my cheapie flats.

Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

Ooooo, I need those shoes! Most definitely.

The Chirping Perch said...

You should have a post dedicated to Jean Leggings or Jeggings and how to wear them (especially with what shoes)! I see them for sale everywhere at the mall but I'm a little apprehensive in purchasing them.


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