Thursday, July 8, 2010

distressed denim 101!

After I cut off a pair of jeans into shorts recently... I have not been able to stop wearing them. I am such a "jeans" person, so jean shorts are just my style! I found an old pair in the closet that have gotten zero to no wear because I didn't like the fit at the ankle (they were a weird combo of boot-fit/wide-leg that did not suit me at all). I also thought, what the heck!?!? Let's have some fun distressing them as well... because if there is one thing I love, it's jeans. If there are TWO things I love, it's distressed jeans!

I have never done this before and didn't want to get out sand paper, bleach, power tools or the like. I happened to be in my bathroom (PLEASE excuse the ugly flooring, I know, I know.) and I had a pair of hair scissors (super sharp!), thinning shears and a hair brush. [Why all the hair scissors??? I cut my own kids hair! Do you? It's fun and cheap, except when I mess up and have to pay someone to fix it! ha!]

The photo quality is crap (iphone + poor light) - but I think you will get the sitch.

1. I started by dragging the sharp blade of the scissors across the denim. My goal wasn't to get big holes, but rather more shreds.

2. See shreds:

3. I did this in three spots on the front...

4. Then I used the thinning shears on the pocket areas for more distressing there. The thinning shears have a jagged edge that worked well for distressing the edges of the seams on the pockets.

5. Then I did similar distressing on the back side... one shred in the pocket (but not all the way through) and more thinning shears on the pockets. I didn't want to much "missing" on the back... you don't want to flash a bun or your undies! :)

6. (Not shown, I tried them on an determined a good length and cut that too... I wanted these a little long: see #7)Then I took this bristly brush and brushed the distressed areas really hard (this made a huge mess!)... but it was a good way to start the fringe effect!

7. Then I cut slits up the side... I tend to be a little "thigh-a-liscious" so this helps give those suckers some breathing room.

Then just pop them in the wash/dryer to get the fringe fluffy and you are all set. Mine turned out AMAZING! Check the blog on Monday to see the finished product and a little giveaway (a completely un-related giveaway - but a fun one you won't want to miss!)


Liz said...

Jill these look fab. I like how they are distressed but not over the top. I'll have to try sometime :)

sealaura said...

great post. I have a pair of jeans I am going to play with today. thanks for the tips.

็Ž‹ๅไป said...
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Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

I laughed out loud at 'give those suckers some breathing room'!

I love you, girl. And nice creative work!

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

sorry..too many type-o's in my first comment :) here is try #2

I just cut two pair of jeans off yesterday! So tonight I followed your tips and distressed one of them...can't wait until Monday to see yours on! Just found your blog and LOVE it! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

deyoungsters said...

You've already inspired me to make old jeans in to shorts and capris.... now I think I have some distressing to do! :)

Also, I just saw that Martin and Osa is going out of business and everything in stock is 50% off! Didn't know if your readers would be interested... too bad I'm wearing maternity clothes these days and don't have a reason to stock up! :)


This looks very classy and fresh! White pants always is a risk tho cuz any sticky thing you come into contact with may ruin everything...but judging by the pics you posted, it MAY be worth the risk!

KelsyC said...

Another great thing to use is a cheese grater! It workes great to get that authentic frayed knee look.


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