Wednesday, June 16, 2010

reader question/work it wednesday!

A reader, Kristen, recently emailed me wanting inspiration for a summer bridal shower outfit (she's the bride!)... the setting will be a casual backyard picnic and she was thinking a white dress would be fun. I couldn't agree more - might as well play up the whole "white dress" aspect of getting married. But she just needed some dress and accessory options.

I pulled together three looks... Work it Wednesday style. Let's take a look:

A white dress is instantly feminine and romantic. Here I played up those attributes with a little ruffle and some girly gold accessories. I just LOVE this look...

This outfit has a more modern feel to it... with the bib necklace, flat sandals and maxi dress. It's very current. Any bride to be would be just glowing (and comfortable!) in this look. Also, depending on where the honeymoon is, this would be a great dress to wear then (maybe brunch in sunny Mexico?).

It has seemed lately that silver accessories are on the back-burner lately... gold seems to be all the rage. But silver accessories are SO classic and this dress is gorgeous with an unexpected cut. Those two things combined make for a drop dead combo. Is it fair to say this is my favorite?

Congrats Kristen and let me know what you end up choosing... either way, I know you will look amazing!


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Maria said...

great ideas, the top and bottom are my favorite. I absoutely love how you played up the idea of a white dress, best times to wear it really is when your the bride, so fun!

Maggie Rose said...

Love the first one! And when I'm engaged I'm definitely stocking up on white dresses for all my bridal occasions. Which may be kind of naseating but it will be a long time coming so I'm going to make the most of it!


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