Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a little indulgence is always in order...

While these summer days wear on the moms in the group... (myself included!) I thought it would be fun to indulge ourselves with a little window shopping.

Please be warned... none of these pieces are what I would consider "affordable", however they are all swoon worthy.

I am loving this sexy open back shirt... this top, skinny jeans and sky-high heels would make me infinitely happy - you know, in that purely materialistic way*. (Haute Hippy, Nordstrom, $195)

Good sunglasses like these would for sure hide my over-tired eyes... and make me skinnier**, right!?!? (Christian Dior, Net-A-Porter, $275)

J'adore this bag. Dang. I bet I could write better blog posts*** with this handbag on my arm. (Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdale's, $358)

This lovely tunic would be perfect for the pool and beach... I bet no one would even notice my hairy legs!**** (DVF, $210)

Well, hello gorgeous! Oh you weren't talking to me... oh, yes, the shoes. Gorgeous indeed! These would make the sippy cups***** melt from my existence. (Cynthia Vincent, Diani Boutique, $395)

Going along with my running joke (see ****)... this cosmetic bag better wake me up and put my make-up on for me for $95. Although, it is darling. (Tory Burch, $95)

* please note, I do not condone relying on "materialistic" happiness- I do however like to dream that it is a reality. It isn't FYI. THINGS will never make you (or me) happy. You do know that, right!??!
** if,IF, sunglasses could make you skinnier... $275 might be worth it - cheaper than a year of a gym membership. But again, pipe-dreams people. Until then, I'll stick with my $6 F21 sunnies.
*** you know, never mind the fact that actually writing a blog post AND having a purse on your arm at the same time would be extremely challenging.
**** in college I worked retail and always had a running joke with a co-worker... when something was over-priced we would say what that piece of clothing "better do" for us for being so expensive. You know like "those pants better wake me up in the morning and shake off my cellulite for $100" For some reason, I still get a kick out of that joke today. That was like 15 years ago. Good jokes die hard, I guess.
***** it's dumb that I get so annoyed by sippy cups. But enough already! Sippy cups are SO 2005.


Lindsey said...

Everything is gorgeous...but those shoes made my heart skip a beat. Love!

b.a. said...

that tunic took my breath away. and then when my breath came back i said, "oh baby." and then i french-kissed my laptop.

karen★ said...

I hear you on the sippy cups! I read an article several years ago about the french & the fact that they never introduce children to sippy cups, so I decided with my 2nd & 3rd not to use them. So so much simpler. They just drink like big people & I don't have to cart around a sippy cup for them. Yay for easy!

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

LOVE that tunic! and love your running joke, pretty durn funny, I don't think you should let it die. :)

Elaine said...

I'm loving that MJ bag!

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