Tuesday, June 15, 2010

good look for less: Abby!

It's been a while since I have posted a good look for less wardrobe consult here... so I figured it's high time! Today's looks were for a reader, Abby, she had purchased a consult from me earlier this spring and was back for more - I love repeat customers! (It means I am dong my job right!)

This time Abby had some specific events that she wanted outfits for... she and her husband had a college reunion that they would be attending this summer and she also wanted casual looks for summer bbqs and parties.

She had a $250 budget... I think we really knocked it out of the park with that budget! Here's her shopping list: (click for details)

In general I chose a few bold colors and then supplemented with neutrals. That is a great formula for summer dressing!

Let's look at the outfits now...

For a more dressy look for the reunion I chose this fun halter style dress. I love this style dress on many different body types... usually our shoulders are one of our best features. This outfit is simple but sophisticated. Love it!

Simplicity is key for summer... a fresh look like this one, with the casual white button up, scarf and sandals, is so easy but so chic for any summer occasion.

You all most likely know how I feel about white pants. They add instant pizazz to any outfit. Imagine this outfit with jeans... it wouldn't be nearly as fun and summery feeling. This is a great casual social outfit... or even a business casual outfit for many work places.

The best thing about dressing for summer is that a few simple wardrobe pieces and some great shoes and accessories is all you need. There aren't a lot of layering challenges like for the cooler season. This is a great example: a simple tank and jeans and then simple accessories and it's very put together and stylish!

Happy Shopping Abby!


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Maria said...

adore that scarf and the way you worked it in, so summery!

paula said...

loving the looks. I wish it wasnt so hot already or i would be rocking some white denim:(

benbidder said...

I do love all of your clothing choices! I live in AZ where I couldn't imagine wearing jeans in the summer if somebody paid me. Ha! Maybe this would be great for the winter here. hehehe. CUTE cute!

Abby said...

this dress is A++++. I was so unsure about it but took the risk. I wasn't crazy about the halter "straps" that tied in a knot at the neck, so I worked them around neckline and viola, no streaming knot.

I have the scarf in my closet...hasn't come out yet - I think on a beach trip.

I am not sure if the Anthro top is here in this post, but I loved it (so flattering) and wore it w/ white pants (not denim) and metallic flats and bag to boat cruise/dance-y thing.

Thanks, Jill!


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