Monday, June 14, 2010

my outfit: more variations!

I have said before... that mostly my outfits are variations of one another. I'm not like the "fashion bloggers" that come up with amazingly unique and artfully inspired new and different outfits each day. In general, I get hooked an accessory, a jacket, a top or a pair of jeans and then play out variations of that in my outfits until I find my new "bunny trail". Usually I will post just two or three outfits from a weeks worth. So you likely perceive more variation than there really is.

Here is a perfect example though... after this outfit from last week, I was hooked on this necklace. It's just so pretty. I found a simple everyday variation with this outfit:

I've been brainstorming on a way to organize my thoughts and the way I dress to make it helpful for you all (would that even be helpful?). Like capsule collections... featuring two, three or four pieces in four or five different outfits. I guess it would be similar to my wardrobe consults. Would that be useful or entertaining for you?

Our weather is all over the place again... thus, the blazer. And even when the temperature is constant, the humidity outside versus the a/c temps inside are so shocking that I need to have more than just bare arms. If it's not one thing with the weather in Michigan, it's another. I tell ya! Also, I wore this outfit to get ice cream with the family one night, I just freeze to the bone when I eat ice cream. Such a wimp!

Jeans, Seven for all Mankind (similar, I got mine on GILT for way cheaper!)
T-Shirt, Gap (similar)
Blazer, Gap (similar, in blue or similar, in light brown)
Necklace, Forever 21
Sandals, Forever 21


Kelly said...

That necklace is really pretty! I love that little jacket - what a cute combo.

Carmen Martins said...

Hi Jill1 I love, really love your looks! Have a nice week

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Yes! Love the idea of an outfit "capsule"

Also...and perhaps you've answered this before and I've just missed it...but do you use a tripod when you take you're self timed photos? I'm debating investing in one.....


Elena said...

Yay! You always have the best ideas! Yes to capsules; it'll inspire me to mix up my wardrobe, plus it's a helpful guide for travelling to pare down how many pieces you pack by reusuing different ones.

Cheryl @ Mommy Quit Her Job said...

What a beautiful necklace (and love the simplicity of the outfit too - definitely something I could put together with things in my closet). Now to find a similar necklace... LOL!

Torrie said...

Capsules would be helpful since in reality, most busy moms (or busy women in general) don't have the time (or $, or desire to do that much laundry:)) to come up with completely unique, varied outfits each and every day.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

That necklace is such a wonderful piece! I've been on the lookout for a special, big, statement necklace like that.

karen★ said...

I love the variation outfits! Especially anything paired with a simple gray t-shirt.
The capsule idea is brilliant...definitely looking forward to that one!

paula said...

LOVE that necklace, just gorgeous!


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