Monday, May 24, 2010


I love summer. And I DO believe it's officially here... especially since we had our first beach trip yesterday. Lake Michigan never disappoints... I was glad to be reconnected to the "old friend" that it is...

I wore this suit:

The green chevron bikini (top row on the left) that Target somehow still has in their promotional material, but not on their site? I got it for like $3 on the clearance rack as I literally ran (yes, ran!) through this isles snagging sunscreen, two bathing suits and some s'mores ingredients (yes, we did have THE.BEST.WEEKEND.EVER.) Also, I know I said I am mostly a one-piece lady. Which is true, but for the beach where it's a little bit more anonymous than the local pool I like to do it up. And seriously. I have been working my you-know-what off (read: love handles, thighs, saggy bottom and baby-pouch) at the gym ALL winter long. I deserve a little bikini time. Makes me feel younger!

I wore this tunic:

This looked adorbs with the suit, if I do say so myself. The white pops against my sunless tanner bronzed skin (ha!), not really. Also, this tunic is like wearing air. Which is good when you have to lug as much stuff from the car to the shore as we do.

Then I busted out some white Havianas:

... and thought I went to green/white/tanned skin heaven. I think I did.

All of this paired with the sun and sand was just amazing. Then I came home to an ice-box of a house. Which was equally as amazing.

(we just turned the A/C on for the summer, and while I usually abhor it by August... I love the feeling of it at the beginning of the season).

What did you do this weekend?


Brittany M. said...

I'm jealous. I've been dying to go to the beach (understandably so, considering I haven't been in 3 years...)! My weekend consisted of books and a Frisbee. Still enjoyable, but not the beach.

I love the tunic! White has always been one of my favorites when it comes to summer. :)

dmoms said...

turned back on the furnace and pretty much stayed inside! send some of that warm air this way!

Nancy's Notes said...

I love summer too! I hate bathing suits, but wear them anyway!!

Thanks for sharing your cute stuff!! Really adorable!


Dobbygirl said...

Oh I haven't had a bathing suit on in almost 4 years?!? I pine for the beach. Sounds like a good time was had!!!

Becca said...

Well you're hard work must be paying off!! You're one hot mama, and you should be rocking a bikini! Love your swimsuit choices, now I just need my own beach trip.


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