Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my outfit: sun seeker!

Remember yesterday I mentioned the crazy ups and downs in our weather here in Michigan? This outfit is the perfect example... I woke up and got dressed in this... the weather was supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny. And it was. Then I did some mom-child-rearing-housework stuff and junk and then snapped a few photos and headed outside. Before I knew it the sun was gone, the wind had picked up and while the outfit made for a great photo opp - it was short lived.

For the record, this is the second time I have switched up what is considered a "bathing suit coverup" for a top...

To me this is the perfect outfit for hanging out in the yard with the kids... I usually push the kids on the swings (the neighbor's swings to be exact!), pull a few weeds, sweep the porch, or if I am really lucky... reading my most recent book or magazine for a moment or two. The kids are at this age where they need to be supervised and entertained outside so they just bop over my way when they need me. And perhaps get a touch of sun on my shoulders (I know, I know... but I am a total sun seeker!)

Necklace, Old Navy (similar)
Top, Old Navy
Jeans, F21 (similar)
Sandals, F21 (similar)


Kelly said...

I know, this Michigan weather is CRAZY! It's 45 degrees and raining here in Metro Detroit. My bedroom is a disaster with this weather - I can't pack up the cold weather wear yet, but all my warm weather wear is out, too! I love that red necklace though - perfect for sun or clouds!

Ashley said...

Kelly, I was just going to say the same thing! I'm also in Metro Detroit and was going to say how crazy is Michigan when it is 80 in one spot and rainy and cold in another!

karen★ said...

Love the red necklace with the purple - you look so adorably ready for when the sun finally makes a permanent appearance!

p.s. it's snowing as I type this...*sigh*

Ambar said...

Great color combo! We are having the same weather here in Chicago. Crazy!

Dobbygirl said...

Super duper cute!!! I can't say the same down here in GA - it's just darn HOT right now. The little one and I head outside first thing in the morning and after dinner so we don't melt :o)


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