Friday, May 14, 2010

my outfit: raining cats & dogs!

The other day, my son, in all of his 5 year old knowledge and stubbornness, tried to convince me for about a half an hour that in fact... there is such thing as "raining cats and dogs." The kid doesn't waiver to save his life... hm, wonder where he got that from? (ha!)

Then yesterday I just about had to eat my words, because in fact it was practically raining cats and dogs. Unless you had on rubber from head to toe, there was no way you were staying dry out there. These are the types of days you want to just curl up inside all day, but I knew I had to go to the gym (no questions, or floods, to mind). And so we did... through puddles and downpours and everything. It was a mess.

But this was the perfect outfit for it. Rain boots, rain jacket and a snuggly hoodie underneath... so that when all was said and done and wet clothes were shed, I felt cute and comfy and warm. For the most part.

I think it made venturing out that much more worth it. Well, that and the workout that I desperately needed.

Did you notice that my background is a bit different... I moved my desk in my office area (where I take my pics) to a different spot and now I don't have as great of a back-drop for my photos. Which may actually get me off my rear to do pictures outside - would you like that? or is that too cliche? Do tell!

Jacket, courtesy of Lands End Canvas
Hoodie, Gap
T-Shirt, Target
Jeans, Forever 21 (similar)
Boots, Marc Jacobs (like these or these)


Elle Sees said...

Yay for the yellow!!
I wanna see more of the necklace, please.

karen★ said...

The wellies completely rock. And the fact that you braved the cats & dogs to get to the gym? Awe-some! Your Noah sounds like my Adam....s-t-u-b-b-o-r-n!
Pictures should be about whichever is easiest with whatever the weather happens to be doing that day. Are there any other places in your home that would make a good background?

cami said...

Found your blog today.. it's fabulous! I'm a SAHM with 2 kids and was just blahing on about how life seems to be at a stalemate. I left the world of fashion (6 years at Target Corp) to be home with the kids and I love your concept of having look books.. reminds me of back in the days of getting a paycheck. Anyway.. where did that sensational necklace come from? Cheers! Cami

Amanda said...

I stumbled across your blog last week and I love it. I really like your sense of style. :) I'm actually contemplating getting the jacket you feature in this post. I was the fabric stiff? Like it's been starched a little much? I don't shop at Landsend much except for swimsuits. So, your input would be much appreciated!

Amanda said...

I stumbled across your blog last week. I absolutely love it! I love your sense of style. :) I'm actually contemplating getting the jacket in this post. I love the yellow! I was just the fabric stiff? Is it comfortable? I don't shop at Landsend much, except for swimsuits. So your input would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...


It is a little stiff at first... in a nice way, makes it more formal, less "floppy". But it has softened with wear. I highly recommend the jacket, I just LOVE it!

Amanda said...


Thanks for the input on the jacket. I did end up getting it and you were absolutely right. I love it! I can't wait to wear it when I visit Chicago at the end of September. Thanks again! -Amanda

Linda said...

oh my gosh, i'm totally going through your archives! it's reminding me of last summer when i started my blog. you're so tan and i'm loving your wellies and that jacket! i was thinking about how we both want hunters today, but these are super cute too!


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