Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hi & lo

It never takes much to get me swooning over shoes. And I seem to have an appreciation for both inexpensive and very expensive shoes, both in their own right.

I dug up some amazing shoes... some hi(gh), some lo(w). I think you will enjoy comparing and contrasting... (click the pictures for links)

I am loving sequins, sequins, sequins lately... these Antik Batik sandals are amazing! But I happen to own the Target version and absolutely LOVE them... also, I saved $180 (I should tell my husband!).
Antik Batik, $202

Target, $19.99 (these look way better IRL, BTW - uh oh... here comes the text-talk!)

I love the rustic glamorous feel to these sandals... a perfect look for summer. Save over$200 by opting for the Old Navy version. Nice, very nice.
Luxury Rebel, $228

Old Navy, $19.50

I love my wellies, but sometimes on a rainy day they do seem a little clunky. Summer rain will never feel so good in these little rubber flats!
JCrew, $55

Chinese Laundry, $29.95

Embellishment is key this season... These Kate Spade sandals are cute, cute, cute. And while you may have to trade little pearls for rounded studs, I think the $180 saved may be worth it!
Kate Spade, $198

Wet Seal, $14.50

Loeffler Randal does no wrong in my book... especially with these sandals. I absolutely love them, especially the little zip up the back. But how can you deny saving over $160 for the version from
Loeffler Randal, $208.25, $34.95

Cynthia Vincent sure has made a name for herself with her new Target line, albeit hard to get your hands on - you can see why there is such a craze when you compare the $400 version to the $30 Target version. Very close!
Cynthia Vincent, $405

Cynthia Vincent for Target, $29.99

Now... if you will just excuse me quickly, I have some shoe shopping to do! Which ones are catching your eyes?


Dobbygirl said...

Those Kate Spade's are adorable. I have a serious shoe problem, sadly most in my closet are not so practical since becoming a SAH Mommy (I'm not Victoria Beckham - LOL)

Brianna said...

I'm loving the expensive Cynthia Vincent shoes because of the zipper down the front and they look "worn" in.

As much as I try to wear heels, they never seem practical for my daily activities.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

those jcrew rubber flats are super cute... and since i'm moving to england this summer, i think are "necessary" for the move. :)

Teresa said...

I like every shoe in your post!


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