Friday, April 9, 2010

good look for less: Kristen, she's headed to Spain!

Welcome to GOOD LOOK FOR LESS week here on the blog... while I'm enjoying some family time for Spring Break, you all get oodles of wardrobe inspiration from wardrobe consults I have recently completed... enjoy!


Kristen is a gal I went to college with and from time to time I'll see her around town... she's tall and she's blonde and she's headed to Spain. There is a lot to love and hate about that, no? She emailed me for some outfits for her vacation because, like me, she has two kids and she works part-time so she's busy, but she was taking the vacation with her husband and friends and wanted to look amazing once she got there... without stressing out about what to pack before she left. Smart girl!

Her budget was a strict $250 - but doable including some items she had in her closet already. Here's a look at her shopping list: (click the picture for the whole thing)

I had a blast pulling these outfits together... although it's a little nerve-wracking to do it for someone you know. But I lucked out, because she was thrilled with the final product and so was I. (I, ahem, might have picked up a couple of these items myself... even though I am the opposite of tall and blonde)

Kristen already had in mind that she wanted these jeans from Gap (which I also highly recommend) and some type of jacket. A military jacket was the perfect call - although also a big blunder at the same time. Apparently I picked out a men's jacket and was profusely embarrassed and sorry about the mix-up. But you get the jist. She found a similar one at Gap and all was solved!

I love the idea of this dress for travel because it comfortable, versatile and black. I could easily see doing sightseeing in it or dressing it up a bit for a nice dinner. Scarves the perfect accessory when traveling - they don't get tangled or lost as easy as jewelry.

Is it just me or are shorts BACK this season, not that they ever when out for warmer months... they just seem to be available in tons of colors, lengths and textures this season. I love these with the jacket for cooler mornings or evenings.

Have a great trip Kristen!


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