Thursday, April 22, 2010

good look for less: Griffin, new stay-at-home mom!

Griffin emailed me recently about putting some outfits together for her. She is a new mom (congrats to her!) and is transitioning from being a personal trainer to a stay-at-home mom. She is looking to make her look more glamorous and girly - so that was our goal.

Griffin had a budget of $300, some gift cards she had saved and a few items she had picked up already. With all those things combined I was able to compile a stellar shopping list... let's take a look at it (click the picture for the entire list):

Being that she just had a baby, I wanted to choose items that would be versatile for her body now... and in a few months. As us moms know, there is no way to predict how soon your body will bounce back. But I wanted Griffin to look amazing in the meantime!

This ruffled top and jacket can draw attention to the neckline and arms and away from the belly. Focus on your assets and play them up!

Tops that have visual interest and some stretch are great post-baby. Here I featured two shoes... a pair of pumps (something Griffin had on her wish list) and some more practical flats for day time.

Same goes for black leggings and a flowing tunic are, again, perfect post natal. And accessories are key! You can never grow out of those!

There were nine total looks that I put together for Griffin... feel free to browse my stylebook here!


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Maria said...

These are all great, jill...classic, chic, and stylin!! i was just eyeballin that purple frilly tank top over on jcrew and now I think you pushed me over the edge to a purchase!

Rachel Mesquita said...

i love that grey shirt....too bad i'm pregnant and can't wear it :( maybe i'll get it anyway!

karen said...

lots of amazing ideas for this sahm too! (oh, to have just one brand new baby...she is indeed a lucky lucky, and well dressed, lady!)


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